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Sony, LG, and Bose soundbars go on sale for up to $150 off

While 4K TVs are visually impressive, their wallpaper-thin bodies don’t have room for top-tier speakers. If you want to bring your entertainment experience to the next level but do not want to splurge on a whole home theater system or are not a fan of bulky stereos, soundbars are the way to go. Not only do they complement the sleek, modern aesthetics of a 4K TV, but they are also engineered to mimic a full surround sound system even though the audio is coming from a single source.

With so many soundbar systems on the market, it can be difficult to know which one suits your entertainment setup best. To help you out, we’ve listed three models from top brands, all of which are discounted on our favorite retailers. Say goodbye to your TV’s tinny, muffled speakers with these amazing soundbar deals. Score up to $150 off.

Sony HT-MT300/B Mini Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer – $198 ($150 off)

Take your music and movie watching experience to new heights by getting your hands on the Sony HT-MT300.  This model is outfitted with the S-Force Pro Front Surround technology that reproduces a virtual surround acoustic field through its two front speakers. The audio is further enhanced with the inclusion of a powerful wireless subwoofer, which can deliver living room-filling sound with thumping bass. From dramatic dialogues to thrilling action scenes, you’ll hear everything in astounding clarity and feel like you are part of the scene.

This Sony soundbar can be hooked up to other devices as well. There are digital, analog, and optical outputs as well as a USB port built in for direct connectivity. Connecting via Bluetooth and NFC is also available, allowing you to stream your favorite tunes directly from your smartphone or tablet with no strings attached. Simply download the Sony Music Center app for quick settings navigation and playback control.

Flaunting a compact and neutral profile, the Sony HT-MT300 system will fit in nicely with any room aesthetic. The soundbar is slim enough and can be placed in front of the TV without blocking the screen. The subwoofer, on the other hand, can be placed vertically beside your entertainment console or horizontally under the sofa or other furniture. A convenient Sofa Mode can be activated to optimize bass frequencies and prevent sound loss from sofa cushions.

Normally selling for $348, this soundbar system can be yours for a sale price of $198. Order now on Amazon and walk away with $150 in savings.


LG SLY5 Soundbar with Subwoofer – $175 ($105 off)

Perhaps the most notable forte of this LG soundbar is its ability to reproduce audio in high resolution. This model is equipped with a leading audio processing technology that surpasses CDs in terms of sound quality. This means you’ll be able to experience stunning audio resolution that’s almost on par with the original sound. And with the included subwoofer, sound is lifted with an amazing range and heart-pounding bass.

Since different content and genres have different profiles, it can be a nuisance to keep reaching for the remote to adjust the volume. Not with this soundbar, though. When connected to the TV, it can automatically adjust the sound level to create an ideal listening experience. Optimal sound performance is realized as content switches from action to drama to sports or when the show takes a commercial break.

There are no complex steps necessary to get the LG SLY5 running and hooked up to your TV. Its Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity ensures smooth and direct streaming without the hassle of wires while providing range and reliability. Slim and compact, it can be displayed in front of the TV without any disruption or it can be mounted to the wall to save space.

Fill your living room or entertainment setup with the superb surround sound capabilities of this LG SL5Y soundbar and subwoofer package. Amazon is offering it right now for only $175 instead of the usual $280.


Bose Solo 5 TV Soundbar – $179 ($70 off)

The Bose Solo 5 is a one-piece soundbar that promises to deliver a combo of cinematic sound and powerful bass. It’s built with a 5.1-channel surround sound which ensures richer tones and treble, complemented by an advanced audio technology that makes every word and detail easier to hear. A Dialogue Mode can be activated if you want to enhance clarity or make conversations more understandable.

Setting up this Bose soundbar is a no-brainer. It has Bluetooth for wireless convenience and is also outfitted with ports for optical, coaxial, and analog cables for multiple connectivity options. This means you can use it as an audio device not just for the TV but also for streaming using your smartphone or tablet. A universal remote is included for easy control and adjustment of settings.

Similar to most soundbars, the Solo 5 flaunts a slim, sleek, and modern profile. It’s also versatile enough to be placed in front of the TV or mounted to the wall. Make your favorite movies, music, or games more alive by getting your hands on this Bose soundbar. You can have it a much lower price of $179 when your order on Walmart.


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