Step into your 4K future with the 6 best 4K TVs money can buy

History will recognize 2015 as a landmark year for TVs: 4K Ultra HD TVs will dominate 1080p HD TVs in holiday sales; LG’s incredible OLED televisions have dropped in price from aspirational to attainable; High Dynamic Range (HDR) came to the forefront through streaming services like Vudu and Amazon Prime Instant Video. Indeed, there are a lot of beautiful televisions out there, and plenty of really beautiful content to watch on them.

But while most 4K UHD TVs are pretty beautiful, some of them — to play off a line from George Orwell’s Animal Farm — are more beautiful than others. If you’re looking for the absolute best TVs available in 2015/early 2016, you’ve found them. We’ve listed the most brag-worthy, eye-poppingly awesome televisions available today for your perusing pleasure, and since we’ve reviewed most of them, you can click through for a deeper look if you like.

The best

LG 65EF9500 ($5,000)

LG finally coughed up a flat 4K UHD OLED earlier this year, and the results are as spectacular as we hoped. The 65EF9500 offers perfect black levels, stunning contrast, outstanding color, and pulls off HDR better than any other TV we’ve seen yet, all in an incredibly thin panel. Picking the best TV of the year has never been so easy — it was a landslide victory for the 65EF9500. Read our full review here.

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The rest

Samsung UN65JS9500 ($4,000)

Samsung pulled zero punches when it designed the JS9500 series, integrating high dynamic range (HDR) support and expanding its color gamut using a proprietary twist on nanocrystals. All of the bells and whistles are here, including Samsung’s new Tizen smart TV operating system. Samsung’s flagship is ultra-bright and offers impressive black levels, culminating in eye-popping contrast. Samsung calls it SUHD; we call it awesome. Read our full review here.

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Sony XBR75X940C ($7,000)

Sony’s flagship TV for the year only comes in one size: Huge — 75-inches, to be exact. We’re perturbed that Sony kept its best full-array direct LED backlighting system for its biggest, most expensive TV, because it’s that backlighting system that allows the X940C to produce some of the best black levels and screen uniformity available in an LED TV today. Be that as it may, the X940C stands as the overall best-looking LED TV we’ve seen this year. So, if you can afford it (and fit it into your living room) don’t hesitate to pull the trigger on this outstanding TV. Read more here.

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Panasonic TC-65CX850U ($3,500)

If you long for the distinctive look of a plasma TV, then you’ll get no closer to the discontinued tech than Panasonic’s CX850 series LED TV. Through the use of their highly regarded Studio Master Drive processing, Panasonic has somehow figured out how to make an LED TV look a lot like a plasma TV. The CX850’s refined picture quality isn’t the sort that dazzles at the start, only to burn you out on the long term; rather, it’s one that feels comfortable from the get-go and pleases for years to come. If you like an accurate picture that’s good enough to get THX’s certification, this is the TV for you. The only caveat? You’ll probably have to order it directly from Panasonic, since it is nearly impossible to find at retail.

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Sony XBR65X930C ($3,500)


While Sony’s X930C series may lack the direct backlighting its (much) bigger brother features, it is still an impressive TV. Many of Sony’s competitors are just now jumping on the nanocrystal display bandwagon, but Sony’s had them for years under the moniker “Triluminous Display.” Paired with Sony’s X-Reality Pro processing engine, this display technology produces incredibly vivid color capable of high brightness across the spectrum. Black are not as impressive or uniformly inky as the X940C because it uses an edge-lit backlighting system. Still, you can get it in sizes 65-inches and under, and at a much more manageable price, making this series a must-have for our best-of list. Read more here.

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LG 65EG9600 ($5,000)

Curved TVs may be controversial, but some folks like the look, so if you happen to be one of them, consider the curved version of LG’s 4K UHD OLED TV. It doesn’t offer HDR, but it’s still got a gorgeous, high-contrast picture and LG’s excellent WebOS smart operating system. There are a few quirks to be aware of, so be sure to check out our full review for the complete run-down. Read our full review here.

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