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This Vizio soundbar is even more affordable for Black Friday

Vizio SB3621n-GB review
Riley Young/Digital Trends

When it comes to an outstanding movie-watching experience at home, you don’t just need a great TV with a beautiful image. You also need terrific sound, from shaking bass for action movies to crystal-clear dialogue for dramas. If you’re looking to upgrade your TV sound system, Black Friday deals are the time to take the plunge on a discounted soundbar. And what better way to ease into the world of TV audio than with one of our favorite affordable soundbars, the Vizio SB3621n-G8 2.1, which is on sale at Walmart for a stellar price of less than $100.

The Vizio SB3621n-G8 2.1 is available now for $98, which is a $50 saving on its usual price of $148. For that price, you get not only a soundbar but also a low-profile subwoofer you can easily tuck under your TV cabinet for an extra bass boost.

In our review of the Vizio SB3621n-G8 2.1, we were impressed by the sound quality that the bar achieves from its midsize 36-inch length. We found the sound produced to be bright, vibrant, and full-spectrum. And it has support for DTS and Dolby Digital audio, so you won’t sacrifice high-end sound technologies when making an affordable purchase.

Vizio SB3621n-GB review
Riley Young/Digital Trends

One of the features that impressed us the most was the ability to adjust bass, treble, and subwoofer volume independently, which allows you to make tweaks based on your particular room and preferences. The easily accessible controls on the bar make it a breeze to crank up the bass when you want to enjoy bombastic action, and then to roll it back to a more nuanced sound when you’re enjoying dialogue-heavy content.

The bar comes with 3.5 mm and optical cables to link it to your TV and other devices, so setup is a simple operation. We were a little disappointed that the device doesn’t have a HDMI ARC port, which allows easy linking of TV remotes. However, with a little tweaking you can get all the features of HDMI ARC running through optical cables, so it’s not a deal-breaker for us — especially at the bargain sub-$100 price.

For even more savings on electronics and gadgets, don’t forget to check out our roundup of the best Black Friday deals. And start getting ready for even more savings on Monday too, with our list of the best Cyber Monday deals.

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