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The taxman cometh. Walmart cuts prices on H&R Block software to help you cope

As Benjamin Franklin said, the only things certain in life are death and taxes. But don’t let tax season get you down: you can get an early start on filing for 2019 thanks to some great discounts on H&R Block’s tax software at Walmart. The discounts are valid for any version except the basic one and save you in some cases up to 30% off retail.

We figure that most filers will need more than the basic software. If you have any investments, own a home or rental property, or also need to file state taxes, you’ll need one of the more feature-rich versions. Regardless of which one you pick, you’ll be able to file up to five times with the same purchase, allowing the whole family to get their taxes done hassle-free.

H&R Block

All versions also include support for filing single or jointly, and allow you to figure out deductions for dependents or anything you might have donated during the year. The Deluxe version, which also adds support for homeowners and investors and includes one-time state filing support, will be sufficient for most. That’s on sale for $35, $10 off its normal price.

If you own rental property or are self-employed, choose the Premium version. That’s on sale for $52 as a digital download and a $13 savings. Small business owners will need the top-tier Premium & Business version, however: That’s on sale for $66 as a digital download, saving you $5 off a hardcopy version and $14 from its typical $80 retail price.

H&R Block’s software is easy to use and cheaper than competitors like Inuit’s TurboTax. While TurboTax is excellent if you use other Inuit products like Quickbooks, it’s overkill for most tax filers. We’ve filed with both programs and didn’t see a considerable difference in functionality, other than the Quickbooks integration of TurboTax. They’ll both help you maximize your deductions and avoid errors that could trigger an audit and help you to maximize your refund.

This is also the cheapest we expect to see tax software before April 15 arrives because of how heavily discounted some of these versions already are. Plus, why wait for that refund when you could have everything ready for when W-2’s and 1099’s arrive later in January, making filing your taxes for 2019 a snap?

By the way, once you do get that refund, come check back with us for the latest in tech and lifestyle deals on our curated deals page.

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