CES 2006 Spotlight: Sakar’s SoundFX Sound View

Sakar International, a manufacturer of technology, toys and consumer electronics, was showcasing several new products at this year?s CES. One which caught our eye was the SoundFX Sound View, a fifth generation iPod accessory designed to making sharing video with others a fun experience.

David Towle, a product manager with Sakar, explained how the SoundFX Sound View works.

?It takes the iPod video,? said Towle, ?and magnifies it. The iPod slides into it. The SoundFX has two stereo speakers ? one speaker on the left and one speaker on the right. It tilts for optimum viewing.?

Besides being a useful standalone cradle which allows one or many to view and listen to video on the iPod, the SoundFX comes with an optional accessory which Towle felt some might find very useful.

?We developed an attachment which slides into it,? said Towle. ?It brings the image two times closer, magnifying the view.? The advantage to this is that users can maximize their viewing experience, enjoying a closer up view of the on-screen action without having to get close to the iPod?s screen.

The portable SoundFX gets its power from either 4 AAA batteries, which provide up to 12 hours of playback, or an AC adapter.

The SoundFX SoundView, added Towle, is a new product which should be available within the next few months. It will be priced at $29.99 and should be available at most major retailers.