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Nintendo celebrates 20 years of Pokemon with New 3DS hardware bundle

Nintendo is celebrating Pokemon’s 20th anniversary in style as the company readies a New 3DS hardware bundle that include free copies of the original Game Boy Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue games.

The bundle, launching in North America on February 27th, includes a New 3DS system and a pair of swappable cover plates featuring artwork from the original Game Boy Pokemon games, in addition to preinstalled copies of Pokemon Red and Blue.

Pokemon fans in Europe can look forward to an exclusive trio of 2DS hardware bundles featuring the monochrome Pokemon games. Starting on February 27th, players in Europe can purchase three Nintendo 2DS Special Edition hardware bundles that are each uniquely themed to match Pokemon Red Version, Pokemon Blue Version, and Pokemon Yellow Version.

The Europe-exclusive 2DS bundles include a transparent 2DS in red, blue, and yellow variants, along with a preinstalled copy of Pokemon Red, Blue or Yellow that matches the featured system color. These bundles also offer an exclusive sheet of 15 stickers that players can use to customize their hardware.

The upcoming Pokemon-themed New 3DS and 2DS bundles additionally include download codes redeemable for a Pokemon Home Menu theme.

Nintendo further promotes Pokemon’s 20th anniversary this year with a series of mythical Pokemon giveaways. Starting in February, players can download Mew, Jirachi, Darkrai, and other rarely-seen Pokemon within the 3DS games Pokemon X, Pokemon Y, Pokemon Omega Ruby, and Pokemon Alpha Sapphire.

Though many of the forthcoming mythical Pokemon can be freely downloaded from the Nintendo Network, certain creatures must be downloaded from networks set up within participating GameStop retail locations on specific dates.

Nintendo 3DS owners will be able to download Virtual Console adaptations of Pokemon Red, Pokemon Blue, and Pokemon Yellow from the 3DS eShop in North America on February 27th.

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