Angry Birds celebrates its third year with 30 level expansion

Angry Birds update

What a difference three years makes. Back in December 2009, the iPhone was just two years old, Android handhelds were only just picking up steam with people, and Blackberry was still a smartphone world power. No one had ever heard of a Finnish company called Rovio. Now Rovio’s a household name, or at least it’s first game Angry Birds is. With seven games including spin-offs and more than 1 billion downloads across various platforms, Angry Birds turned three-years-old on Tuesday as the poster-child for the mobile technology boom. Rovio is marking the occasion with some slick updates.

Rovio announced Tuesday morning that it was releasing Angry Birds version 3.0.0 adding a hefty 30 new levels to the original game as well as the Pink Bird character Stella. Stella was originally only available in the spin-off Angry Birds Seasons. There are 15 new birthday-themed levels—titled “Birdday Party”—in addition to 15 levels based on this year’s spinoff game Bad Piggies.

Rovio has expanded at an incredible rate over these three years, moving into merchandising and even small theme parks thanks to the popularity of Angry Birds. Cheers to the studio on its success.