Assassin’s Creed: Unity reveals new weapons, missions, and team-up opportunities

Ubisoft devoted a lot of its E3 Media Briefing to Assassin’s Creed: Unity, offering an extended peek at the game via a new trailer and a gameplay sequence that concluded with an epic assassination in the aftermath of the French Revolution.

An eagle flying through the city set the stage for the new Unity trailer, providing a (literal) overview of the post-revolution setting for the latest installment of the franchise and protagonist Arno Dorian’s goal: to clean up the city one day at a time. As revealed in the trailer, he’ll get some assistance from other assassins — including up to four player-controlled characters for certain missions — as well as some new weapons and equipment.

Among the new additions to the assassins’ arsenal are various axes, a French Cutlass, smoke bombs, a multi-barrel pistol, and a new phantom blade weapon.

During a gameplay sequence that debuted during the event, at least one new mission type was revealed: a “murder mystery” that tasked the player with solving a murder he encounters while wandering the city. For each of the missions, a “Max Players” restriction indicates how many player-controlled characters can participate in the task at hand.

While the gameplay sequence didn’t offer much in the way of co-op play, the trailer and demonstration of the game hinted at  a much less scripted experience for players, and a wide range of mission types and random encounters that, as Arno vocalized during the sequence, make it impossible to help everyone who needs his assistance.

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