Batman: Arkham City DLC dates, pricing outed by GameStop listing

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You’ve got to love the Internet for keeping even the tiniest mistake alive indefinitely, especially when it brings news like today’s, of upcoming DLC offerings for Batman: Arkham City. We already know that there are a ton of pre-order bonuses out there, offering codes for all manner of alternative character skins, including one from Best Buy for Robin’s Nightwing persona. It turns out that all of it will eventually be sold as downloadable content, which should surprise virtually no one.

The news comes from now-removed GameStop listings (the Robin Bundle is actually still up) for three different packs, all of which are set to arrive before the end of the year if the information was correct. First up is the Nightwing Character Pack, which carries a November 1 release date and a $6.99 price tag. That’ll be followed by a Robin Bundle on November 22, also $6.99. The final pack will allegedly arrive on December 6; it carries the name “Skins Pack” which has led some to speculate that we’ll be seeing various Batman skins available next week as pre-order bonuses packaged into one bundle, for $4.99.

There’s no word on what any of these packs contain, but it’s reasonable to guess that one of the two Robin-oriented packs will add some challenge levels or the like for Batman’s Boy Wonder. Whatever the case, thank for sharing the news.