Batman: Arkham City PC release delayed until November

Batman Arkham City-5

Batman: Arkham City is by no means the only game to look forward to this October, but it is one of the bigger ones. The previous release in the series was a Game of the Year-winning effort that delivered a mix of exploration, puzzle-solving and brutal melee combat in a combined package that positively dripped with the effort and love developer Rocksteady Studios put into it.

The game’s October 18 release in North America is approaching quickly, though it seems that some fans will now be waiting a little bit longer to play. The PC version of Arkham City now won’t be arriving until sometime in November, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment confirmed today in a terse media alert. No reason was given for the delay, but you can assume it’s so that Rocksteady can make the game more awesome. Why else would it be delayed?

We’ve reached out to WBIE for further clarification on why the PC version of Arkham City is being delayed and when in November it is expected to arrive.