Batman: Arkham City viral campaign brings two audio clips, probably more to come

Here’s a fun one. A pair of audio clips have popped up online that, at first listen, appear to be leaked recordings of in-game conversations from Batman: Arkham City, which is out in October. That’s not the case though. There’s been no leak at the offices of developer Rocksteady Studios. Instead, what you’re hearing is part of a viral campaign to support the upcoming release.

The recordings seem similar to the collectible recordings that could be gathered in the previous game, Arkham Asylum. You hear one of the prison’s deranged lunatics — in the case of the two released so far, it’s the Penguin and the Riddler — talking to a headshrink. In Arkham City that headshrink is Hugo Strange, who serves as one of the game’s primary antagonists. The Riddler clip actually has a bit more going on as well, as you’ll hear. Enjoy the taste of what’s to come. October may seem a long way off, but we’ve fortunately got quite a few games coming out between now and then to tide us over.

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