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Batman: Arkham Knight retail listing confirms drivable Batmobile [updated]

UPDATE: Well that didn’t take long. It’s official. Game Informer confirms that Batman: Arkham Knight will be the cover story in its next issue. The reveal confirms that the game is coming from Rocksteady Studios, the team behind Arkham Asylum and Arkham City (WB Montreal handled Arkham Origins). The GI report also confirms a planned 2014 release for the game, and that Penguin and Two-Face will join the already confirmed Scarecrow and Harley Quinn among the story’s villains. Head over to the source link for a look at the cover art, and check back at 10am PST for a first peek at the game’s trailer.

ORIGINAL POST: It is widely believed that Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment will be revealing Batman: Arkham Knight at some point today, but a seemingly leaked product listing posted on the U.K. chain GAME’s website (via NeoGAF) confirms a few details… including the existence of a drivable Batmobile. There’s no release date listed for Arkham Knight, but the game appears to be coming to PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One only. If there’s a version in development for any other platforms, it’s not mentioned there.

The bullet-points listed beside the game offer up a few facts, including the aforementioned drivable Batmobile, which you’ll use to help you get around in Gotham City. The Scarecrow is the only villain name-dropped in the listing – he returns to “unite Gotham’s most feared villains” – though that doesn’t necessarily confirm he’s the main villain Batman will be facing. Just look at Arkham Origins. It also appears that Arkham Knight brings an end to the “Batman Arkham series,” as the listing refers to the upcoming game as a “Finale.”

The listing also seems to confirm that pre-ordered copies of the game (and presumably first-run copies as well) will include Harley Quinn as a playable character. It’s difficult to make out the text, so there’s no way of knowing if The Joker’s henchwoman will be playable in the story or simply appear as a Challenge Map character. The NeoGAF poster suggests that it’s the latter. We expect to have more clarity on this soon. Bear in mind that none of it is technically confirmed; we’ll update you when we know more.

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