Batman: Arkham Knight slips to 2015, turns Batmobile into a tank

Batman: Arkham Knight

Batman: Arkham Knight had originally been set for a 2014 release, but Rocksteady Studios now won’t be delivering the game until 2015, as producer Dax Ginn confirmed at a recent pre-E3 event. The studio behind the Arkham series of Batman games just isn’t quite ready to commit to a fall 2014 release. Better to get it done right than get it out quick, right?

Ginn also confirmed a few previously unrevealed details about the upcoming game, specifically relating to the Batmobile. The speedy cruiser that any fan of Batman is no doubt familiar with from one of its dozens of iterations makes its playable debut in Arkham Knight, since the new game unlocks the whole of Gotham City for players to explore. What hadn’t been revealed until now is the fact that the Batmobile has two forms.

In addition to the more traditional sporty race car, good for taking on jumps and zipping from place to place quickly, the Batmobile also has a tank form, useful for solving certain puzzles and engaging in new-to-the-series vehicular combat. The car transforms at the press of a button, moving slower in its more armored form but capable of firing both vulcan cannons and missiles as it strafes around the now-larger fields of battle.

Here’s a better peek at what the Batmobile looks like in Battle Mode than we’ve got up top:

Batman: Arkham Knight - Batmobile in Battle Mode

We’ll have a closer look at this multi-purpose Batmobile soon, but console yourself over the unexpected delay for now by reminding yourself that you’ll be roaming around Gotham in a Bat-tank. And take a look at the Batmobile in Battle Mode below, in Rocksteady’s latest trailer.

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