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Battlefield 2042 gets its biggest update yet, adding Rush mode

Following a smaller update released on November 25, Battlefield 2042 is getting a massive, game-changing patch on December 2. Titled Update #3, the patch includes a laundry list of fixes for the game’s bugs and glitches, adjustments to weapons and vehicles, and some new additions to the game, including the option to play Rush by using Battlefield Portal.

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Rush, one of the Battlefield franchise’s classic game modes, has been left out of 2042 entirely until now. Tomorrow’s patch will bring the game mode back, letting players plant bombs on objectives in the game’s new All-Out Warfare maps through Battlefield Portal. Challenges are also making a return with Update #3, although they won’t be similar to what players would find in Battlefield 3 or 4. Instead of unlocking new guns by completing challenges, Battlefield 2042 will reward players with XP. However, anyone who can finish off all three of the game’s given weekly challenges will also earn a cosmetic reward.

In terms of bug fixes, players should find a more stable Battlefield 2042 experience altogether when Update #3 launches. The game’s maps have been improved with “over 150 individual fixes, small changes, and improvements,” and some of the game’s weirder bugs, like one that would stop missile countermeasures in vehicles from working, have been sorted.

Like the game’s last patch, this one also includes some quality of life fixes. Players should notice that it’s easier to customize their weapons thanks to a streamlined Collection screen,. they will also find a less cluttered UI in-game. Once again, though, legacy features like voice chat and a post-game scoreboard have been left out of this patch.

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