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Battlefield 2042 has two major patches on the way, but neither add voice chat

With its rocky launch just five days ago, Battlefield 2042‘s developers have been busy patching out its issues, with two more massive game-changing updates one the way. Titled Update 2 and Update 3, the first is set to arrive on November 25 while the second is slated for early December. While the patches both touch on issues like performance, server stability, and balancing, neither adds in one of the game’s sorely missed features: Voice chat.

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Battlefield 2042‘s Update 2 will include a fix for the bug that would prevent players from spawning with the loadout they choose, as well as some major changes to weapon spread. Some of the game’s assault rifles have an incredibly high spread that prevents players from firing accurately within the weapon’s range. To address that problem, the game’s weapon spread while zoomed and moving will be reduced and accuracy while zoomed and stationery has been increased. Likewise, the LCAA Hovercraft and MD540 Nightbird are receiving some nerfs that should end up balancing both vehicles.

Update 3 on the other hand is much larger and includes a suite of quality of life changes. For instance, the game will have new markers to make newly-unlocked items easier to find and streamline the UI for managing weapon attachments. Players will start getting weekly missions when this patch launches, which gives them a set of challenges to complete with a cosmetic reward. The long list provided by the game’s developers in a blog post is only part of what will be added when Update 3 launches this December.

While Battlefield 2042‘s upcoming updates include some much-needed features, the game is still missing out on some Battlefield mainstays. Aside from in-game voice chat, which was not included at launch, players have been asking for more “legacy features,” like an end-of-game scoreboard and a server browser. According to the post, the game’s developers are “carefully evaluating your desire to see legacy features return.”

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