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Battlefield 2042 Season 2 deepens progression with Assignments

EA unveiled Battlefield 2042 Season 2: Master of Arms today, detailing the new content players can expect when it drops on August 30. Master of Arms features the new map, weapon, gadget, and Specialist content that players desire from a significant update like this, but this next season of Battlefield 2042 also deepens progression with a brand new feature called Assignments.

Crawford shoots enemies with a turret he place in Battlefield 2042.

Battlefield 2042 is a multiplayer-only game, so having an interesting progression system is key to ensuring players stick around. Currently, players can increase their Player Level as they also make their way through a battle pass. The Assignments feature will now allow players to seamlessly work toward unlocking Vault Weapons, which are guns that were previously only available in Battlefield Portal or previous seasons.

“We wanted something that the player could unlock at their own pace,” Feras Musmar, game design director, explained in a Q&A about the new season attended by Digital Trends. “You can unlock multiple weapons at the same time, so new players that join the game now can start chasing that content, regardless of their rank.”

The first two Vault Weapons that will be available through Assignments are the M60EA and the M16A3, although DICE will add more Assignments as the season progresses. Hopefully, Assignments will give new and old players some more exciting moment-to-moment progression. Battlefield 2042 Season 2: Master of Arms brings more than assignments, though.

Master of Arms will include a new map called Stranded, which consists of beached container ships and an arms trading center in a drained Panamanian lake. This season’s new Specialist is Crawford, an Arms Dealer that can replenish squad mates’ gadget ammo when reviving them and lay down a stationary minigun for other players to use. Players can also expect new weapons like the carbine AM40, the LMG AVANCYS, a pistol-SMG hybrid PF51, aand  disorienting Concussion Grenade gadget, as well as a new EBLC-RAM vehicle. Later in the season, DICE and EA plan to add new Assignments, release the reworked versions of the Renewal and Orbital maps, and introduce the Polaris RZR buggy vehicle to the game.

Battlefield 2042 is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. Season 2: Master of Arms begins on August 30.

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