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Battlefield 2042 won’t get its first season until summer

Following a rocky launch, Battlefield 2042‘s first season is set to release sometime this summer according to a blog post from developer DICE.

Today we’re sharing the latest #Battlefield 2042 details, our new player feedback loop, and a status update for Season One.

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— Battlefield (@Battlefield) February 1, 2022

The game’s upcoming season, the first of four, will add a new map to the game, along with a new specialist and “more completely new content.” However, its release is coming later than anticipated for players, being pushed back due to the game’s numerous issues that have been or are currently being fixed.

Among the work pushing back Battlefield 2042‘s first season have been numerous updates, each of which has addressed a different issue in the game. A small update coming early in March will revamp the game’s scoreboard, while others will add long-requested “legacy features” like in-game voice chat and player profiles.

Other upcoming updates for Battlefield 2042 will also include changes to the game’s gunplay, an “improved reward loop,” and an overall expansion of Battlefield Portal.

To make up for the late arrival of Battlefield 2042‘s first season, DICE is giving anyone who purchased the Gold or Ultimate version of the game a bundle of cosmetics. Skins for weapons, vehicles, and specialists, plus a new melee weapon are all included, but the offering is sure to leave fans wanting more.

While an adjusted scoreboard and in-game voice chat are being added, fans still feel ignored by DICE, especially coming off the game’s removal of Rush. Having been returned to the game as a limited-time event, the classic Battlefield game mode was removed even after players asked that it be permanently added.

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