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Battlefield 2042 drops popular rush mode and fans are not happy

Rush, a staple of the Battlefield franchise, is now almost completely absent from Battlefield 2042. After being added in as part of a limited-time event, developer Dice has all but removed the game mode.

Rush hasn't been removed and will remain in some form/theme in #BattlefieldPortal for a few weeks/months yet. Rush of Ages was extended based on community reception and will return in the future. This week it's Bad Company 2 Rush.

— Kevin Johnson (@T0TALfps) January 6, 2022

The game mode, which Dice never intended to keep in the game permanently, is currently only playable through a Bad Company 2 Battlefield Portal playlist. Before being removed, players had said that Rush should become a permanent addition to the game. However, Rush is set to return to Battlefield 2042‘s other custom games in Battlefield Portal eventually. According to Dice community manager Kevin Johnson, “Rush of Ages was extended based on community reception and will return in the future.”

Battlefield 2042‘s lack of legacy features and game modes, including Rush, scoreboard, and in-game voice chat, has been a point of focus for the franchise’s fans since the game launched. In response to fans’ frustrations, EA’s director of integrated communications for shooters and Star Wars, Andy McNamara, tweeted that fans’ “expectations are brutal.” McNamara went on to say that “the things you want take time to scope, design, and execute,” before deleting the tweets and apologizing and saying his message “wasn’t clear.”

After a series of patches that adjusted the game and fixed bugs following Battlefield 2042 launched this past November, it’s not clear what DICE’s plan is for the game going forward. The game’s main Twitter account hasn’t provided any hints toward more content for the live-service game recently, and has instead given fans a post fleshing out its lore and world on January 5. Battlefield 2042 is a multiplayer-only title that has no single-player campaign or story mode.

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