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This new Battlefield crossover might be your best bet for more Dead Space

Issac Clarke exploring ruins in Dead Space Remake.

The Dead Space remake might’ve come out a year and a half ago, but Electronic Arts is bringing it back for a short time. The developer announced on X (formerly Twitter) on Wednesday that there will be a Dead Space crossover with Battlefield 2042.

The Season 7 event will take place from July 9-16, and will feature a limited-time mode called “Outbreak.” From the short teaser posted online, it looks like your typical PvE extraction mode, where players enter an area overflowing with Necromorph enemies, kill as many as they can, and try to escape.

Your squad is about to become humanity’s last defense.#Battlefield 2042 | @DeadSpace 📅 July 9 – 16

— Battlefield (@Battlefield) July 3, 2024

Not much else is known about the crossover, but a disclaimer at the end of the video says that it’ll include in-game purchases, so we can assume Dead Space-inspired cosmetics will be available. Some of the characters in the teaser are in regular military gear compared to Isaac Clarke’s classic armor, which could be one of the options.

A post from the Dead Space X account also mentioned the hive mind — the giant creature that usually acts as the final boss in Dead Space games. So it’s possible one will appear in the crossover as well.

This might seem like a slightly outdated collaboration, but EA announced back in April that EA Motive, the development team behind the Dead Space remake, would be moving to work on the next Battlefield game alongside Ripple Effect, Criterion, and Dice. Another Motive team is working on the previously-announced Iron Man game.

EA previously told IGN that rumors about a canceled Dead Space 2 remake were unfounded, though a Bloomberg report found that Motive did some brainstorming before the project fizzled out. So if you want some new modern Dead Space content, a limited-time crossover mode might be a decent idea (although that would involve buying Battlefield 2042 if you don’t own it already).

Battlefield 2042 is currently in Season 7: Turning Point, which will be its final season.

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