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EA ending Hazard Zone support in Battlefield 2042

EA announced that development is winding down on one of the new modes introduced in Battlefield 2042. Hazard Zone is getting taken off of life support, with future development being brought to an end as active player numbers wind down.

Battlefield 2042 | Battlefield Briefing - Development Update May 2022

The end of development for Hazard Zone doesn’t mean that the game mode will meet its end. EA confirms that the playlist will remain active within 2042 and will even have possible future critical errors addressed. However, things like future maps, content, and experiences won’t have any presence in Hazard Zone at all.

Battlefield 2042 | Hazard Zone Official Trailer

Hazard Zone features several four-player teams on one battlefield, tasking them with beating other squads to gather objectives called “Data Drives.” Since last year, many players have complained about the mode feeling dead. This is just one of many issues that Battlefield 2042 faced following its launch, and EA has clearly determined that Hazard Zone is no longer a mode worth supporting.

“All of us on the team had great ambition and high hopes for this new Battlefield experience throughout our development,” EA’s blog states. “But we’re the first to hold our hands up and acknowledge that it hasn’t found the right home in Battlefield 2042 and that we’ll benefit greatly from letting our focus and energy stay on the modes we see you engaging most with.”

While Hazard Zone is meeting an early developmental end, EA still plans to keep content coming to 2042. The blog confirms that more content, maps, modes, and core gameplay updates are the main focus of the development team going forward.

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