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Battlefield V to get final stand-alone update in June, weekly rewards to follow

DICE, the studio behind Battlefield V, revealed that the first-person shooter will receive its final standalone update in the summer, though the developer will continue working on some aspects of the game.

Battlefield V‘s Chapter 6, Into the Jungle, will end on April 29. The game’s senior producer, Ryan McArthur, said in a blog post on the Electronic Arts website that DICE will roll out one more standalone update in June that will include new content and weapons, in addition to game tweaks.

However, while the update is targeted to roll out in June, McArthur hinted that there may be a delay, as DICE developers are still “tackling the challenges” of shifting to a work-from-home setup.

The final update to Battlefield V will be followed by weekly rewards that will give players Battlefield Currency or Company Coins. This will open up the opportunity to unlock gear that players may have missed over the course of the game’s lifespan.

DICE is also planning weekly events and activities, including the return of the friendly #FridayNightBattlefield servers, and Throwback Thursdays, which will bring players across all Battlefield games together. The developer is also continuing work on Community Games Updates, for players who prefer customized multiplayer experiences.

Battlefield V may be riding into the sunset, but DICE said that it will also continue its anti-cheating initiatives for the game. Players are urged to send in reports if they encounter any cheaters, as Battlefield V matches are expected to continue well after the final standalone update in June.

Reliving WWII in Battlefield V

Battlefield V moved the action back to World War II, with a single-player campaign featuring War Stories that told lesser-known but highly emotional stories. However, the main focus of the first-person shooter, as with all Battlefield games, is competitive multiplayer. In addition to classic multiplayer modes, players were also offered Tides of War, which focused on particular eras during World War II, and Firestorm, which is DICE’s take on the battle royale genre.

Electronic Arts is now presumably planning the next Battlefield, and it appears that the clamor is for a return to the futuristic warfare last seen in Battlefield 2142.

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