BioShock Infinite’s second Burial at Sea DLC features non-lethal ‘1998 Mode’

bioshock infinites second burial sea dlc features non lethal 1998 mode infinite

The second part of BioShock Infinite‘s Burial at Sea DLC surfaces (groan) on March 25, and it’ll be anchored (GROAN) by a newly revealed difficulty setting called 1998 Mode. Modeled after the main game’s hardest 1999 Mode difficulty setting, which you can unlock with the Konami code, the new option challenges players to complete Elizabeth’s adventure through Rapture using only non-lethal tools of survival.

We haven’t seen Burial at Sea – Episode Two in action yet, but the final bit of add-on content for Infinite – and possibly the last-ever piece of BioShock overseen by Ken Levine, now that Irrational is shutting down – stars Liz and features a new (for the series) focus on stealthy play. Given the abundance of blood-letting that factored into Infinite, it’s nice to see an option built into BioShock that encourages you to avoid thrusting your spinning sawblade-like Sky-Hook into some poor dude’s neck.

Take note: based on Irrational’s description, 1998 Mode exists specifically for Burial at Sea – Episode Two, not for the rest of the game.