Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel’s next playable character is an ice-cold huntress

borderlands pre sequels next playable character ice cold huntress lady hammerlock

There’s a new playable character coming to Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel on January 27, 2015, and she’s a familiar face. Sort of.

Lady Aurelia the Baroness is the older sibling of none other than Sir Alistair Hammerlock, the famed hunter of Pandora’s biggest and rarest game who made his debut in Borderlands 2. Lady Hammerlock and her kid brother both share the same passion for hunting, but the older sister is willing to actually get out there and do the dirty work herself.

Lady Hammerlock’s three skill trees all revolve around her Cold As Ice action skill. When charged, she tosses her Frost Diadem Shard out into the fray; the bauble attaches to a nearby enemy and deals a steady stream of damage until time runs out or the baddie is killed. If it’s the latter, the Frost Diadem moves on to find another victim.

Lady Hammerlock skills

Of her three skill trees, Lady Hammerlock’s Huntress is the most straightforward; it’s focused on sniping and boosting critical damage with consecutive headshots. Her Cold Money skill tree, as the name suggests, is all about elemental damage. Ice damage, specifically; there’s even a skill that adds Cryo damage to any weapon she’s got equipped. Finally, the Contractual Aristocracy tree offers more team play-centric buffs, with skills that allow Lady Hammerlock to reap the benefits of teammates’ kills.

The $10 downloadable content pack comes to PlayStation 3, Windows, and Xbox 360 platforms on January 27. It’s part of the game’s season pass content as well, so anyone that purchased (or purchases) the pass can download the Lady Hammerlock add-on starting day one.