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Call of Duty Elite mobile app launch delayed, Activision confirms


Call of Duty Elite is off to a very rocky start, no doubt about it. The stat-tracker/social network that was supposed to launch alongside Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 last week was overwhelmed in its opening hours by the influx of new users and quickly crashed. Efforts made in the subsequent days to bring the part-free/part-subscription-based service back online have moved slowly. As of right now, the website is loading up slowly and with limited amounts of content, but the performance seems to improve with each passing day.

While Elite creator Beachhead Studios struggles to bring everything online and up to speed, Activision was forced to make some tough decisions. A newly posted FAQ from the publisher attempts to address the most common questions fans are raising, and it brings some new information to light about what the plan for Elite is moving forward.

The latest update for those waiting to check out the mobile app is… keep waiting. “While many people are curious and excited to use Call of Duty Elite’s mobile applications, we plan to release the iOS and Android apps when we’re sure the service will be able to handle the extra traffic they will generate – so stay tuned,” the FAQ reads.

More questions are answered beyond that; quite a few more in fact, relating to how Founders status works (if you’re signed up for Elite and have already played a multiplayer MW3 match then you’re set) and how additional features are being rolled out or held back for now. Activision bought itself a month’s breathing room last week when all premium Elite subscriptions were extended by a month. Hopefully, that will provide an ample amount of time to work through the issues.

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