‘Call of Duty: Strike Team’ stages an assault on iOS devices

call of duty strike team stages an assault on ios devices third person view 01

To just about everyone’s surprise (outside of Activision), there’s a new Call of Duty game out today. Call of Duty: Strike Team is available now in the iOS App Store for $6.99 as a universal iPhone/iPad app. The game was developed by Blast Furnace, the Leeds-based Activision developer behind the recent iOS endless runner based on Pitfall!

We haven’t tried it yet, but Strike Team appears to be a first/third-person hybrid based on the screenshots. The product description confirms it, adding that players can switch between the two perspectives “at almost any time.” First-person is your standard Call of Duty view, whereas third-person plays out from a top-down perspective. Players customize the weapons, gear, and perks for a full squad in a series of campaign or survival missions.

The story is set in 2020 and it appears to be independent of other Call of Duty narratives from Infinity Ward and Treyarch. The U.S. ends up being caught up in a war against “an unknown enemy” following some sort of surprise attack. Players command a Joint Special Operations Team as they attempt to hunt down the bad guys.

Note that Strike Team isn’t compatible with the iPhone 4 or the fourth-gen iPod Touch, according to the product notes. If you try it out, let us know what you think here in the comments.