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Call of Duty third-person horror game was in development, now on hold


Sledgehammer Games has turned itself into a big name in a relatively short amount of time, thanks largely to its co-development work with Infinity Ward on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Before MW3 was a go, the studio was actually working on a different Call of Duty project, one which we now learn had more of a horror genre focus that drew comparisons with Dead Space.

Sledgehammer boss Glenn Schofield said as much in an interview with GamesZines, revealing that the project was “a third-person action-adventure game… a shooter, and it was not based in this era.” Schofield then compared the game’s atmosphere to Dead Space “because you were underground in some places.”

Schofield then goes on to say that the decision to postpone work on the project was the studio’s, not something forced on them by Activision. Sledgehammer voluntarily agreed to work with Infinity Ward on Modern Warfare 3. The horror game may be revived at some point, but Schofield wants to do at least one more first-person shooter first, so the team “can get really good at it.”

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