You can play two of the best Star Wars games ever all over again for $20

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The good folks at Good Old Games ( have struck a deal to host content from Disney Interactive, and that means a whole bunch of old-school Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and other classic LucasArts games are now available through the service. Among those are the classic space combat sims X-Wing and T.I.E. Fighter, both of which are widely regarded as some of the best examples of Star Wars gaming ever created. Each one sells for $10.

The two games are both Windows-only offerings, and a purchase of either one includes both the original release (1993 for X-Wing, 1994 for T.I.E. Fighter) and the 1998 Collector’s Edition version. The two games are only supported in Windows, but they come with GOG’s custom installation launchers. The install is an easy process, though it should be noted that you’ll need some kind of controller plugged into your computer — we tried both an Xbox One gamepad and a DualShock 4 — in order to run either game.

Those aren’t the only GOG newcomers from this Disney Interactive deal. The site is also now host to a number of other classics, including  Sam & Max Hit the RoadThe Secret of Monkey Island: Special EditionIndiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. GOG’s homepage notes that more titles will be added down the road as well, so there’s still hope for fans hoping to complete their Star Wars space sim collection with X-Wing Alliance and X-Wing Vs. T.I.E. Fighter.

In addition to offering a diverse assortment of classic computer games for multiple operating systems, Good Old Games goes a step further in making sure that the games it sells run on newer machines. That’s why you’ve got custom (and DRM-free, for what it’s worth) installation launchers for every game offered on the site. In the limited time we’ve spent with T.I.E. Fighter and X-Wing so far, we’ve noticed that both games run smoothly, and in widescreen resolutions, on our Windows 8.1 machine from Falcon Northwest.