Civilization creator Sid Meier charts his journey in an hour-long Firaxicon chat

Firaxis Games has a killer track record thanks to the creative genius of its co-founder, Sid Meier. As the creator of the Civilization series (among others), he’s considered something of a legend among longtime gamers. Fans that attended 2K Games’ recent Firaxicon community event had the rare opportunity to hear Meier chat about his life and work during an hour-long chat with XCOM: Enemy Unknown lead designer Jake Solomon. Now, thanks to this video, you can see that chat for yourself.

It’s a nice diversion while you count the days until the October 24 release of Civilization: Beyond Earth. In Beyond Earth, the series leaves what is traditionally an alternative take on known history aside in favor of a more science fiction-inspired setting.

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The game drops a group of competing factions onto the surface of an alien world that’s been deemed suitable for colonization. How you develop your people and their technology has a dramatic influence not just on the way you relate to competing factions, but also to the native life on the planet.

This hour-long video may not keep you occupied during the final two-week stretch until Beyond Earth‘s release, but it is nonetheless an illuminating look at the process and creative impulses of the series’ chief architect.