DC Universe Online delayed until 2011

The heroes of the DC universe have apparently met their match. But rather than being defeated by a criminal genius, or a sun-devouring weapon, the fiendish and dreaded community feedback is to blame! Yeah, ok, that might not make a whole lot of sense, but it is true — the part about the delay at least.

DC Universe Online, which was originally scheduled for released on the PC and the PS3 on November 2, will now be delayed until sometime in early 2011.

“SOE is dedicated to delivering the highest quality game experiences possible. As the game heads into external beta testing, this extra time will allow us to address community feedback in a meaningful way,” John Smedley, president of SOE said in a statement. “When we get deeper into external beta, we’ll be able to share more information regarding the new launch date.”

Although the MMO won’t hit shelves until sometime next year, the beta will continue as planned. Those that preordered their copies before November 15 are guaranteed access by November 30, but you can still sign up for a chance to be included without preorder if you sign up on the official website tonight before midnight PST.

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