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A creepy livestream tells us Death Stranding will arrive later this year

Hideo Kojima is a game director known for blending traditional video game elements with film, whether it be his use of long cutscenes or extended dialogue sequences. Death Stranding is taking this to the extreme with an all-star cast that includes everyone from Mads Mikkelsen to Margaret Qualley, and we’ll be able to have it confuse us when it launches on November 8.

The PlayStation 4 exclusive’s release date was revealed as part of the latest Death Stranding trailer, which gave us the full name for the protagonist: Sam Porter Bridges. Portrayed by Norman Reedus, Sam must “bridge the divides in society” and increase connection globally. According to Kojima, the game wants you to “understand the importance of forging connections with others.”

In Death Stranding, the United States appears to be collapsing, with Sam remarking that it is “finished” over a shot of the president on her deathbed in the Oval Office.

Sam is then seen venturing out with a special suit and backpack into several different environments, including a grassy hillside and a snowy mountain. Using an extendable ladder, he’s able to create pathways to unreachable areas. He also has access to a climbing system for scaling cliffs, and we see him chased by terrorists wielding electrified staves. Death Stranding confirmed firearm combat with a very brief shot of Sam shooting an enemy.

The latest Death Stranding trailer gave names to its characters — some of whom haven’t been revealed before. Mikkelsen will play “Cliff,” while Lea Seydoux will play “Fragile.” Qualley is “Mama” and film directors Nicolas Winding Refn and Guillermo del Toro will make guest appearances as the characters Heartman and Deadman.

Other confirmed characters include “Die-Hardman,” played by Tommie Earl Jenkins, “Higgs,” played by Troy Baker, and “Amelie,” played by Lindsay Wagner.

Alongside the trailer, Sony and Kojima Productions also revealed a few different editions for Death Stranding. The Special Edition includes a steel book case, soundtrack, and Gold Ludens Mask sunglasses, and will cost $100. The Collector’s Edition, meanwhile, will set you back $200 and includes four in-game items, PSN avatars, the soundtrack, steel book, “BB Pod,” keychain, and cargo case.  If you’re just interested in the digital goodies, a Digital Deluxe Edition will be available for $80 and includes the same four items as the other editions.

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