Destiny’s ‘Vault of Glass’ 6-player raid is now live, and it will destroy you

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Vault of Glass is Destiny‘s first raid, a cooperative exercise for up to six players — that’s more than any other co-op mode in the game so far, FYI — set on Venus. It wasn’t available when the game launched on September 9, 2014, but the Vault’s doors swing open today and all are welcome.

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No, really. Everyone. If you look at the mission in-game, you’ll see a level 26 requirement attached to it. That’s merely a recommendation. Bungie confirmed on Twitter that pre-26 players can take a crack at Vault of Glass if they like, at their own risk. See here….

It looks like you’ve got to reach a certain plateau within the game — my level 6 Warlock can’t jump into Vault of Glass even though Venus is unlocked, for example — but if you’re at level 20, and you happen to be a glutton for punishment, Vault of Glass is ready and waiting to destroy your good, happy times and ruin your faith in the world.

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