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E3 2021 details finally revealed: Here’s how the virtual show will work

After months of speculation, the Entertainment Software Association has finally explained how E3 2021 will work. The virtual event will center around an app that serves as an online portal for the event.

The ESA confirmed details about the event in a new blog post. While this will be the show’s first all-digital event, the online portal is looking to bridge the gap by offering many of the expo’s hallmark experiences.

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The show is scheduled to take place from Saturday, June 12, to Tuesday, June 15. The E3 app will open to media on June 7, while a public version will go live on June 12. Free registration is set to open later this month.

The app features virtual exhibitor booths, which will offer special events and videos. These will replace the physical booths that usually line the expo’s halls. Lounges and forums will also be included in the online hub, acting as social spaces where fans can connect and chat.

Social interaction is a big focus of this year’s show. Attendees will create their own custom profiles through the app. The event has been gamified and will include “leaderboards” that fans can compete on.

On top of all that, the app will feature live broadcasts. The show will still stream on all of E3’s major social channels, including Twitch and YouTube.

So far, the announcement seems to debunk previous reports that the show would feature some form of paywall. The ESA earlier took to E3’s Twitter account to deny the claims, writing that “E3’s 2021 digital show is a free event for all attendees.”

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