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Watch Electronic Arts’ Gamescom 2014 press briefing livestream right here!

ea gamescom 2014 press conference livestream electronic arts redwood city may 2011
Two types of people are reading these words. The first group are here to watch Electronic Arts’ Gamescom 2014 press briefing live, as it happens. We salute you, fellow gamers. Your dedication to being awake at odd hours so you can hear the latest breaking news is a testament to your appreciation for the art and craft of video games.

The second set of people will read these words after the livestream is long over. You people are the smart ones. Seriously. It’s freaking 4am ET right now. Those of us reading (and writing!) right now are bananas.

What will EA be revealing? You can definitely expect to hear more about BioWare’s mysterious “You’ve Been Chosen” campaign. Other than that… who knows! You know the EA lineup. There’s some Battlefield, some Plants Vs. Zombies, a whole mess of sports games… and some other stuff. Star Wars: Battlefront? Perhaps. Mirror’s Edge 2? Ha. NBA Live 15? Where the heck is that game, anyway?

Watch all the action right here.

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