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The Elgato Key Light gets streamers’ good sides at CES 2019

Elgato Key Light: Introduction and Overview

As games and streaming rigs have evolved over the years, viewers on platforms like Twitch and YouTube demand professional-quality streams from their favorite creators. That includes not just the games you’re playing, but also your own “face cam.” With the new Elgato Key Light, announced at CES, you can always be your best self for viewers and it won’t break the bank.

The Elgato Key Light, currently available on Amazon for $200, attaches to your desk via a clamp and its height can be adjusted to fit most gaming setups. Using 80 OSRAM LED lights to shine 2,500 lumens at you while you’re streaming, the Key Light gives off a low amount of heat, according to Elgato, and with the Control Center app on your PC, you can control the lighting without having to stop gaming. It’s also compatible with Mac, as is the Elgato Game Capture software that comes with the brand’s capture devices.

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If you have more than one Key Light for an unconventional scenario, such as when more than one person is streaming at the same location, you can sync them all up to the same Control Center application, as well. Aside from Control Center, the Key Light is also compatible with the Elgato Stream Deck device, allowing you turn the light on, adjust brightness and color temperature, and save the settings with just a few button presses.

Elgato currently offers one external capture device, the HD60 S, which allows you to stream or record at 1080p resolution and 60 frames per second. Two PCIe cards, the HD60 Pro and the 4K60 Pro, offer more advanced features, and the Cam Link 4K stick allows you to use a high-quality camera as a webcam for your streaming apps. A green screen is even on sale for those looking to alter their environment for streams.

Recently, the free software Screen Link was also released for iPhone and iPad, which instantly streams what you’re doing on your phone to your computer, and you can then use your existing streaming software on top of it. A “Pro” version with unlimited clip duration will be coming as well.

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