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Fable may live on as a crowdfunded card battler

fable may endure as a crowdfunded game fortune
Earlier this year, Microsoft shuttered Lionhead Studios, and seemingly brought its popular Fable series to a sudden end. However, there’s now word that a secret project formerly in development at the studio is set to be resurrected on Kickstarter.

Fable Fortune is a digital card game set to be developed by Flaming Fowl Studios, a new indie formed by ex-Lionhead staffers Craig Oman, Mike West, and Marcus Lynn. Intriguingly, it seems that this spin-off is intended to keep the franchise present in the minds of its fans, even despite its uncertain future.

“I think we can certainly give them that Fable fix that they’ll be looking for,” said Oman while speaking to IGN about the project. “If you want a Fable game, at the moment, this is your Fable game,” added West.

The card battler certainly seems to be much more than a cash-grab aimed at fans who were disappointed about the cancellation of Fable Legends. The team at Flaming Fowl is drawing on all aspects of the franchise’s history — as well as its signature sense of humor — to tie the card battler in to the wider series.

The gameplay that’s been shared in support of the game’s crowdfunding campaign bears more than a passing resemblance to Blizzard’s genre leader, Hearthstone. However, it seems that Flaming Fowl has plenty of ideas on how to put its own spin on that style of gameplay.

Quests that play out over the course of a match will offer players the opportunity to make a morality choice inspired by the focus on character alignment present in the mainline Fable series. These decisions could affect your in-game avatar and its powers, or even the very cards in your hand.

The Kickstarter campaign for Fable Fortune is now live, and will run until June 28. A pledge goal of $365,385 has been set, but you can gain access to an upcoming beta for just $7.

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