Fallout New Vegas DLC hits PS3 and PC today

fallout new vegas dlc hits ps3 and pc today dead money release day  4For the fans of Bethesda and Obsidian Entertainment’s Fallout: New Vegas that own the title on PC or PS3, it has been a long and cold few months. Their Xbox 360 counterparts have been frolicking about, playing the Dead Money expansion all willy-nilly since its Xbox Live release on December 21 without a care in the world, while other were forced to jam their metaphorical noses on the figurative windows and stare in longingly. But no more!

Today, Bethesda has officially announced that the Fallout: New Vegas downloadable contend, Dead Money, has officially and finally been released on the PC and PS3. The expansion is available on the PlayStation Network, as well as on Steam and Direct 2 Drive, for $9.99.

Dead Money puts you in the shoes of a victim, who awakens to find a collar filled with explosives around your neck, and a proposition. If you accept, you and three other unwilling accomplices will rob a bank to capture the fabled treasure of the Sierra Madre Casino. If you decline, you will hear a slight ringing as your head explodes.

Check out the trailer below, and look for Dead Money, which is available now.