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Fallout: New Vegas Gun Runners’ Arsenal DLC detailed by Bethesda


A bunch of people on my Xbox 360 Friends list are back to playing Fallout: New Vegas, thanks largely to last week’s release of the Lonesome Road DLC pack, which is to be the final story-expanding DLC release for New Vegas.

They’re all a bunch of suckers.

Tomorrow, Bethesda Softworks is releasing another DLC pack for New Vegas. Unlike Lonesome Road and its three predecessors, this Gun Runners’ Arsenal pack in no way relates to the story. Instead, it’s all about weapons. Many, many, many weapons. Oodles of them. All types too. Bethesda has detailed many of them in a series of four blog posts (check them out here, here, here and here) and there’s still one more to come! The last post will run tomorrow, just as the DLC is going up online for download on your digital delivery storefront of choice.

You can get the whole, massive pack for 320 MS Point or $3.99 starting tomorrow, September 27. Of course, if you’ve already sped through Lonesome Road and the rest of the DLC after finishing the game, the many new toys aren’t going to do you a ton of good.

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