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The biggest changes and additions coming to FIFA 20 this year

Madden NFL 20 might have disappointed some of its players with its lack of a dedicated story mode and stagnant gameplay systems, but Electronic Arts’ other football game will be here soon. FIFA 20 promises some major changes compared to last year’s game, including an entirely new way to experience the Beautiful Game. There are the biggest additions and changes coming to FIFA 20.

The Journey ends

For the last three seasons, the FIFA series has included a mode called The Journey, which chronicles the rise to superstardom of young striker Alex Hunter. The mode included familial discord, strugges in new environments, and rivals between developing players, but it culminated in a finale last year. EA has opted to end The Journey, so keep this in mind if the mode was the main reason you purchased the new games.

Manage the manager

FIFA 20 gives you all-new choices for how you create a manager in the game’s Career Mode, including their body type, skin, clothing, and hair. For the first time ever in the series, you can create a female manager as well, and once your team has left the pitch, you can answer questions from the media regarding its performance.

Volta street football

FIFA 20 | Official Reveal Trailer ft. VOLTA Football

Celebrating the asphalt-based soccer matches that have defined the sport for many kids and adults alike, FIFA 20 includes Volta street football. Depending on the pitch you’re playing on, you can knock the ball off the wall for a strategic advantage, and show off with extra flair that fits the laid-back tone of the sport. There is also a story mode included in the Volta option, and you can even have professional teams play on the streets.

Composed finishing

Anyone who has played FIFA 19 knows it can be surprisingly difficult to score, even when facing the keeper in a one-on-one matchup. The “composed finishing” system used in FIFA 20 looks to eliminate that frustration. The timing for finishes has actually been tightened, but you will see much greater shooting accuracy in situations when you logically should score a goal.

Stadium Tifo

FIFA Ultimate Team allows you to express yourself with custom colors and logos, and another new addition has made its way to FIFA 20: The Tifo. This large, coordinated piece of art will be shown before the match and after goals, and you can choose to have the crowd celebrate when you knock one in during a decisive moment.

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