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'Final Fantasy XV' gameplay changes coming soon, story fixes will take longer

final fantasy xv chapter 13 gameplay update
There’s new downloadable content for Final Fantasy XV coming in March and it will come with an update that will make big changes to the existing game as well.

That change is an update to Final Fantasy XV‘s Chapter 13, which makes the first of some planned alterations to existing gameplay and narrative that will rework and expand that section of the game. The update will be released on March 28 alongside the already announced DLC expansion “Episode Gladiolus,” according to a report from Gematsu.

Fans and critics voiced a lot of irritation about Chapter 13 when Final Fantasy XV was released in November. The chapter shifts the format of FFXV significantly. Gone suddenly is the open-world aspect that defines Final Fantasy XV, replacing it with a much more linear approach. The section also seems to abandon or gloss over a number of important narrative threads the game sets up earlier. The abrupt changes and lack of cohesion with the story have led some to speculate Chapter 13 was rushed in development, but Square Enix has denied that was the case.

Still, updates to Chapter 13 are addressing a lot of player concern. The March 28 update will be the first, which Final Fantasy XV director Hajime Tabata says will focus on improving gameplay. Another update to improve the narrative of Chapter 13 is set to follow sometime later. That update will take longer because of requirements like recording new dialogue for characters. It currently doesn’t have a set date.

The “Episode Gladiolus” DLC pack, meanwhile, is a stand-alone chapter that expands on the Final Fantasy XV story. It’s specifically about Gladio, one of the three companions of FFXV protagonist Noctis, and plays from Gladio’s perspective with new gameplay specific to his character. It’s included as part of the Final Fantasy XV season pass and for owners of the game’s premium edition.

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