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Square Enix reveals launch dates for 'Final Fantasy XII' remaster, 'FFXV' DLC

final fantasy xii remake dated for july ffxiizodiac
Square Enix revealed that a remastered PlayStation 4 version of its acclaimed PS2-era RPG Final Fantasy XII will launch worldwide in July, while Final Fantasy XV players can look forward to all-new storyline DLC and Season Pass content starting in February.

Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age will also feature an array of gameplay upgrades when it launches later this year, including a character progression system that was once exclusive to Japan.

Released for the PlayStation 2 in 2006, Final Fantasy XII remains a favorite among series fans for its memorable cast members and politically charged storyline. Final Fantasy XII also marked a departure for the series in terms of gameplay, challenging players to define their party’s combat behavior using a “gambit” system instead of allowing direct control over individual party members.

The Japan-exclusive rerelease Final Fantasy XII: International Zodiac Job System in 2007 expanded on the original game’s mechanics with 12 additional License Boards, granting party members stat boosts and abilities based on their chosen class. These mechanical improvements were previously reserved for players in Japan, but fans worldwide can experience International Zodiac Job System‘s features in the upcoming PS4 remaster.

Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age launches exclusively for the PlayStation 4 on July 11.

Square Enix additionally revealed that Final Fantasy XV players can expect to see a “Booster Pack” of downloadable content on February 21. Available in both free and paid Season Pass versions, the Final Fantasy XV Booster Packs will outfit players with new items and equipment, including a “Magitek Exosuit” that grants new abilities in battle.

Final Fantasy XV‘s first batch of add-on storyline content will launch on March 28 with Episode Gladiolus, a playable episode featuring Prince Noctis’ companion Gladio. The episode will be released as stand-alone DLC on the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live and is available as a free download for Premium Edition and Season Pass buyers.

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