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Missing Durr Burger sign from ‘Fortnite’ mysteriously appears in California desert

Sela Shiloni

Weird stuff has been happening in Fortnite: Battle Royale since the rocket launch event over the weekend. After the rocket launched and cracked the sky in real time, rifts have popped up throughout the map. These rifts, which have gradually been discovered over the past few days, have confused and excited Fortnite enthusiasts. One of the rifts swallowed up the Durr Burger sign, a wonderful anthropomorphic burger with a large, wagging tongue. Here’s where things get really weird. Photographer Sela Shiloni discovered the burger outside the game, in the real world.

First, watch the Durr Burger sign get swallowed up by the rift here:

Bye Durrr, you were a good soldier.

— Leon Hurley (@LeonHurley) July 5, 2018

And where is it now? Well, apparently that rift was strong enough to zip the burger out of video game world and into the California desert. It’s just chilling all by itself in the desert, no longer propped atop a building that serves delicious burgers.

What…. is this… I’m in the middle of the desert why is this here???

— Sela Shiloni (@selashiloni) July 6, 2018

Now, we know what you’re thinking: this obviously isn’t possible. And yes, we agree, the video game burger didn’t transport itself to the real world. But it’s probably not a coincidence that the Fortnite burger was randomly discovered in the desert (read: marketing stunt).

According to Shiloni, he was scouting locations for a shoot in Palmdale, California, when he happened upon the burger. A police car and sign were located near the burger. The sign reads: “This site is unstable. Beware of possible effects.”

Shiloni shared a video of discovery as proof alongside the images. He claimed to not be familiar with video games and therefore needed someone on Instagram to tell him what he saw aligned with Fortnite.

Person on insta said it’s from Fortnight?

— Sela Shiloni (@selashiloni) July 6, 2018

Unless Shiloni is very good at editing, we doubt this is a hoax. So what does it mean? Some Redditors seem to think this is proof that Epic is working on a desert map. That seems like a distinct possibility, especially considering the words on the sign. Whether you want to believe Shiloni stumbled upon the massive burger on his own is up to you, but this has all the trappings of an “accidental” marketing stunt. If so, we hope it’s a precursor of something big — like a new map.

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