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Fortnite patch 5.41 brings revamped Port-a-Fortress and the Soaring Solos mode

fortnite horde challenges week 7

Patch notes for Fortnite update 5.41 are available right now globally and across all platforms. Otherwise known as update 1.79, this latest weekly update introduces a ton of new content and changes across both the player-versus-environment-focused Save the World mode and the ever-popular Battle Royale player-versus-player mode. These new additions include a revamped version of a fan-favorite item, a new limited-time mode to enjoy, and much more.

Soaring Solos mode

Unfortunately, the Fortnite update 5.41 patch notes do come with a bit of sad news as well. It’s worth noting right off the bat that this patch removes the High Stakes event and its associated Getaway limited-time mode. That means that you can’t complete its unique challenges and gain its rewards now. However, in its stead, a new limited-time mode is now available called Soaring Solos.

Soaring Solos is a solo-focused version of the 50-versus-50 mode that has been available for quite some time. It’s your typical Battle Royale solo match for the most part but with the added ability to redeploy your glider from great heights. This makes sure you never have to worry about falling to your death.


Fortnite patch 5.41 port-a-fortress new item

That isn’t the only revamped fan favorite in the Fortnite update 5.41 patch notes, though. Epic Games has also taken the popular Port-a-Fort consumable item in Battle Royale and added a legendary variant called Port-a-Fortress. This extremely rare version of the item boasts a much larger fort than the older version, with some built-in bouncers for an easy exit.

The new Port-a-Fortress can only be found in the legendary variety, meaning you won’t see it too often. It can be found in legendary vending machines, treasure chests, supply drops, and supply llamas.

Spiky Stadium

Fortnite Spikey Stadium

The Fortnite update 5.41 patch notes also introduce a new item that is exclusive to the Playgrounds mode. The Spiky Stadium is similar to the Port-a-Fortress in that consuming it will create a huge building instantly. This time, though, the Spiky Stadium will create a massive stadium with bouncers and traps for players to hang out in. Epic Games is introducing this item into Playgrounds so that players have the opportunity to use the stadium to create their own minigames and the like.

Bowler Flintlock Launcher

Fortnite flintlock launcher

A new weapon called the Bowler Flintlock Launcher has been added to the weekly store. Keeping with its pirate-like appearance, it shoots out cannonballs that will send a group of enemies hurtling back on impact. Each cannonball bounces once before it explodes, causing additional damage to anyone standing nearby. It’ll be available in the store on Wednesday, September 19th at 8 PM ET.

5.41 Bug Fixes

Finally, the Fortnite update 5.41 patch notes have the expected slew of bug fixes and improvements, the most important of which is improved performance on Xbox One.

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