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Fortnite ‘High Stakes’ limited time event week 9 challenge guide

Get that sweet crowbar pickax in one day with our Fortnite High Stakes guide

The Fortnite High Stakes limited time special event has gone live alongside the Battle Royale 5.40 patch notes. This new special event is here for quite a bit longer than most limited time events, bringing with it The Getaway special mode and a ton of new rewards. These items are exclusive to this event so that means you aren’t guaranteed another chance to get them once the time is up.

As such, it is highly recommended that you jump on the Fortnite High Stakes train while you can and get the four exclusive rewards. These aren’t your typical Battle Stars rewards like with other challenges. These are substantial, unique items and equipment that can’t be found or bought anywhere else. The best part? Anyone can do it because you don’t need this season’s Battle Pass.

Fortnite High Stakes limited time event explained

Fortnite High Stakes The Getaway Week 9 Challenges
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The Fortnite High Stakes limited time event covers a wide variety of things that are happening right now in Battle Royale. There is honestly nothing that compares to this event outside of the Thanos and Infinity War tie-in earlier this year. This is because, unlike other limited time modes, this one is going on for 11 days.

That is an ample amount of time to complete all of the challenges and receive the rewards they offer. The event also includes a limited time game mode in Battle Royale called The Getaway. Similar to the recent Score Royale, this mode is the only one ever offered in Battle Royale that allows the player to win the entire match without landing a single kill.

Winning without killing enemies will certainly be difficult — as we’ll get to in a moment — but it’s possible. This is a squads-only match but you can do it solo or with less than three teammates if you like. However, we do not recommend going solo for The Getaway mode if you actually want to win a match.

The Fortnite High Stakes limited time week 9 challenges are centered around The Getaway and you’ll want to complete them in addition to your weekly ones. Rewards for completing these week 9 challenges include things like sprays, a new pickax, and more.

Fortnite The Getaway mode explained

Fortnite High Stakes The Getaway Week 9 Challenges
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The Getaway is an odd mode that sounds simple to explain but is actually the hardest limited time mode we’ve ever experienced in the game. The objective is to get into the match with your squad, find one of four shiny jewels on the Battle Royale map, grab the jewel, and make it to a getaway van before you are killed by the other enemies.

Because there are four jewels on the map, that means for the first time ever in Fortnite history, there can be more than one team that wins. In fact, there are four teams that can win each match. From that explanation, it sounds like it should be easy than ever to nab a win but that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Each of the four jewels is held in a safe that they must be retrieved from. The map clearly marks each safe from the start so you’re sure to run into quite a few enemies heading to the exact same spot. This leads to massive fights centered around each of the four jewels and can lead to a swifter death than in any other limited time mode to date. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible, though. We have some tips for you so that you can not only excel at the mode but nab some exclusive rewards from the challenges.

Fortnite High Stakes week 9 challenges guide

Fortnite High Stakes The Getaway Week 9 Challenges
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The Fortnite High Stakes week 9 challenges are actually a multi-part challenge. There are a total of three that can be done in any order with an ultimate reward given if you complete all of them before the event ends. They’re pretty simple challenges (no need for trigonometry this time around) but completing them is very difficult because of how challenging The Getaway is.

You can find the three challenges by heading to the Challenges tab in the Battle Royale lobby. Select the first option and there you will find the challenges you’ll want to complete. We’re going to break down all three of them with some tips on how to go about completing each one.

Fortnite High Stakes play 10 matches challenge

Fortnite High Stakes The Getaway Week 9 Challenges
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The first challenge is the easiest one — play 10 of The Getaway matches before the limited event is over. This is simple since matches are way shorter than your average Battle Royale match. We played several and most lasted about five minutes.

If you play a couple of matches a day for the next week, you’ll easily complete the first challenge. Unlike other limited time modes, there’s no need to rush since you have a total of 11 days to finish these tasks. That said, the difficulty of The Getaway can lead to frustration fairly quickly.

Fortnite High Stakes pick up a jewel challenge

Fortnite High Stakes The Getaway Week 9 Challenges
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The second challenge isn’t nearly as easy as the first as you’re tasked with picking up a jewel in five separate matches. We recommend having a full team of people you know and can communicate with directly. You should also know that there are some unique rules to playing The Getaway. First, the storm is constantly moving from the moment the game starts with the first circle automatically revealed at the beginning.

Next, the safes that contain the jewels are typically spread evenly around the edges of the storm’s perimeter but they sometimes reside outside of it as well. The latter can be especially difficult to deal with as the circle moves fairly quickly. Your safest bet is to go for the safe that is the furthest from the direction the Battle Bus is headed to avoid the most enemies.

You and your squad should make your way towards the safe but don’t land directly on it. It takes about a couple of minutes after the bus leaves for the safe to appear. While you’re waiting, gather supplies and weapons in a safe and close location. This means avoiding all named locations as more than a fourth of the entire match’s players could be there.

Once you’re fully equipped and ready to go, find a hill or an elevated spot a short distance away from the safe. Do not immediately go for it! Instead, pick off the impatient players who immediately go for the jewel. You can also wait for them to kill each other off. When it seems like there aren’t many opponents left, sneak up on the remaining survivors and take them out. This will allow you to grab the jewel easily. Repeat this process four more times in different matches and that completes the second High Stakes challenge.

Fortnite High Stakes damage opponents challenge

Fortnite High Stakes The Getaway Week 9 Challenges
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The final challenge can go hand-in-hand with the last one. As you patiently wait to grab a jewel, try taking out as many enemies as you can that pick up the jewel. You’ll know when they have it because the jewel shines really bright. Since most players aren’t concerned with killing you in The Getaway match, they won’t go out of their way to look for you like in a typical Battle Royale match.

With increased drops of long-range weapons, take this time to refine your sniping and rocket launcher skills. The Boogie Bomb does a great job of freezing tons of enemies in a single location so it’s great for when you sneak up close. For this last challenge, you just need to deal 500 damage in total and it doesn’t need to be in the same match. Each player has at least 100 health from the beginning so a few kills should do it. If you do this consistently while working towards picking up jewels, completing the final challenge shouldn’t take long at all.

Fortnite High Stakes rewards

Fortnite High Stakes The Getaway Week 9 Challenges
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Once you finish all the challenges, you’ll earn four exclusive rewards that can’t be found in any other mode in Fortnite. Playing 10 matches will net you 5,000 experience points, an amazing assist towards completing the season five Battle Pass. Picking up the jewel in five matches will grant you the sky-diving money trail and damaging opponents carrying the jewel rewards you with a special spray. If you complete all three before the High Stakes event ends, you get an exclusive crowbar pickax.

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