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The best places to land in Fortnite for Chapter 4

Survival is key in Fortnite, and it all starts by picking the best landing spot. Even if you’re an expert player, your likelihood of coming out on top is greatly diminished if you start off on the wrong foot — whether it be at a barren location with no loot or a hot drop that could lead to a swift death. As part of Fortnite Chapter 4, there’s no shortage of fantastic landing spots, but which one you choose comes down to your skill and preference.

In this guide, we’ll show you six of the best Fortnite landing spots for veterans, beginners, and everyone in between.

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The best places to land in Fortnite

Daredevil landing in Fortnite.

Before jumping into the list, it’s important to be aware of what makes a good landing spot. Sure, any place with decent loot might serve you well, but there’s more to consider than that. Does a spot have a consistent chest/loot spawn? Are there guaranteed materials? Is it close to other POIs? Is it out of the way? Of course, loot is the most important aspect, but it does you no good to have a stacked loadout if you’re stuck in the storm. These recommended landing spots all have some degree of consistency, fantastic loot, and typically have some quirk that makes them effective depending on your play style.


Fridgerburg in Fortnite.

First up is Fridgerberg, an area to the northeast of Anvil Square. This spot is right on the edge of the ice and is perfect for players looking for a safer drop. There are a handful of houses here, each with consistent loot, and guaranteed chests. The great thing about this landing spot is that it’s out of the way, and is usually uncontested, meaning you’re likely to survive when landing here. Fridgerberg is close to the center of the map, meaning you won’t have to scramble to get back into zone after landing there. From there, you can rotate into Anvil Square, or towards Brutal Bastion depending on the storm, getting you closer to victory.

Slappy Shores

Slappy Shores in Fortnite.

While all the main POIs are great in their own ways, Slappy Shores has it all. It’s got a ton of loot, a Slurp Truck on the bridge, and plenty of resources for gathering materials. The main reason this POI is so effective is that it has a little bit of everything, including a body of water so you can fish, along with access to a Reboot Van. But beyond that, Slappy Shores is typically out of the way, meaning it’s less likely to be contested compared to other main POIs. That doesn’t mean you’ll have this location to yourself — but it’s a far cry from landing at Anvil Square or The Citadel, giving you a little taste of action without throwing you to the wolves.

Meadow Mansion

Meadow Mansion in Fortnite.

For players wanting to play it as safely as possible, while guaranteeing fantastic loot, look no further than Meadow Mansion. This house feels like its own little city, full of everything you’d need to get started, from lots of materials to guaranteed chest spawns, loot, and a Reboot Van just in case things go badly. Aside from that, this spot has access to vehicles in the garage, allowing you to rotate to a different location with ease. Frenzy Fields is a hot drop, found to the east, but if you stock up at Meadow Mansion first before visiting it, you’ll be in good shape. This area is a little bit out of the way, so you’ll want to pay attention so you don’t get caught in the storm.

Woodsy Ward

Woodsy Ward in Fortnite.

Next, we highly recommend Woodsy Ward, a secluded area with plenty of wood, lots of chests, loot, and a few Slurp Barrels. This is a great place to get stocked up on the essentials before making a move to busier areas. We recommend hitting every house in this location, as each one has something to offer, from weapons, consumables, and even keys if you’re lucky. While it’s worth landing here for the loot alone, Woodsy Ward is great because of its location: It’s close to a couple of other main POIs like Blackwater Bay and The Citadel. We recommend rotating counterclockwise to Blackwater Bay first before navigating to The Citadel so you’re stocked up.

Eastern Watch

Eastern Watch in Fortnite.

Speaking of The Citadel, we’ve got two more landing spot recommendations — both of which are near this highly contested POI. While we don’t recommend landing at The Citadel itself due to how crazy it can get, we do advise landing around it. The first is Eastern Watch, which is basically a castle to the east of The Citadel. This spot is absurd, with a guaranteed Legendary Chest spawn, granting you access to a lot of loot early on. There’s also the potential to find keys here, so be sure to visit the nearby Holo-Chests to buy Legendary gear. From here, you can utilize the nearby zipline to reach The Citadel with ease — and hopefully, your loadout is stacked at this point.

Royal Ruin

Royal Ruins in Fortnite.

The final location is a less busy version of the previous, located at Royal Ruin — to the west of The Citadel. The Eastern Watch landing spot is great, but it’s likely to be contested, so that’s where Royal Ruin comes into play. It has plenty of loot, a guaranteed Legendary Chest, lots of materials, and is out of the way, meaning you’re more likely to survive here. You can then rotate to the south from here by sticking to the outskirts, allowing you to play it safe as you work your way into zone.

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