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The best places to land in Fortnite during Chapter 3, Season 3

Survival is key in Fortnite, and one small decision can make the difference between early elimination and a Victory Royale. Heading to the wrong area at the wrong time can lead to defeat if you aren’t careful. Likewise, knowing where to land can start your match off on the right foot, potentially leading to a win. This isn’t always the case, but the early portion of a match can be one of the factors that carry you to success. The thing is — you can’t just land in the same spots over and over again, as Fortnite evolves substantially from season to season. Even within the same season, it’s recommended to mix up your landing spots since the deadly storm always comes at you from a different location. And sometimes a landing spot might become over-contested as more players learn about it, incentivizing you to go someplace else.

With that in mind, here is an updated list of the best places to land in Fortnite for Chapter 3, Season 3.

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The best places to land in Fortnite

To help with deciding where to start out each match, we’ll detail the best places to land in Fortnite right now, at the time of chapter 3, season 3. This season features a handful of changes to the beloved Fortnite map, building upon the major alterations introduced at the start of chapter 3. The new season is called Chapter 3, Season 3: Vibin’, focusing on a summer party with friends (which is a far cry from the all-out war that happened last season). This time around, the map remains mostly the same, with a few new points of interest (POIs), and a brand new meta. That means you’ll want to keep your eyes peeled for the new locations during this season.

The points of interest change up the game considerably, including the best places to land. Picking where to land is difficult, as a number of factors come into play. When deciding on the best locations at this time, we took into account the amount of loot, how many players tend to land there, and its physical location and general popularity, along with the likelihood of decent spawns.

Whether you are someone who likes to fight all the time or hide away until most of the players are already gone, we have a starting location for you so that you can start out on the right foot in each match.

Reality Falls (Waterfall)

Map of Reality Falls in Fortnite.
Waterfall at Reality Falls in Fortnite.

Kicking off our list is an interesting landing spot, which will no doubt be contested since it’s one of the highlights of the new season. Reality Falls is home to a massive colorful tree, which sits atop a body of water. While this is a decent spot in and of itself, the area you should aim for is the set of waterfalls on the northwestern end. As video games have conditioned us over the years, there is, in fact, a “hidden” area behind the waterfall, and here, you’ll find a hefty amount of loot, including chests, weapons, and healing items. If you want to get away from this area, we recommend following the path to the west, which leads outside of the cave and eventually to a set of bouncy mushrooms that can be used to quickly escape. Or, if you’d like to get into some action, head back the way you came, through the waterfall and into the main area of Reality Falls, where there’s bound to be at least one other player.

Gas station northeast of Rocky Reels

Map of gas station in Fortnite.
Gas Station in Fortnite.

This recommended landing spot remains from the last season, as it’s still a great area, especially if you want to stay safe. It’s perfect for newcomers or players who want to take it easy. The spot you should aim for is the gas station northeast of Rocky Reels. It’s best to land on the roof of the pump area since there’s typically a weapon or two there. Then, jump down and visit the large truck container, where you’ll likely find a chest inside, and then make your way inside the gas station. Here, you’ll find a slew of loot and chests, especially in the duct area of the building. Be thorough, and you’ll find food boxes with fruit and peppers, along with other healing items. There’s also metal in this area, which of course is worth grabbing (assuming you’re playing a mode that features building). From here, head to the small building to the west and you’ll find Slurp Barrels, along with more loot. You can use a nearby car to rotate out of this spot and head to zone. The nice thing is that it’s in the center of the map, so you shouldn’t have trouble making it to the next safe spot.

The Temple

Map of The Temple in Fortnite.
The Temple in Fortnite.

Another excellent landing spot is The Temple, which is located just northeast of The Daily Bugle. This area is nice because it’s out of the way enough to usually be free of other players. With this being a relatively safe area, we highly recommend visiting each of the structures, making sure to hit the bottom, middle, and top floors. You’ll find plenty of loot here, including chests, weapons, and even Slurp Barrels. There’s also usually a car spawn to the east, across the main street that can be used to rotate into zone. The other thing that makes this spot so great is that it allows you to get geared up before making your way to The Daily Bugle, which is typically contested. Sure, you can land there right away, but you’re likely to be joined by other players, making it tougher to survive the initial drop. You could get unlucky and land next to a player who already has a weapon, letting them take you out with ease. But if you land at The Temple first, you can prepare yourself before heading into The Daily Bugle, which is another excellent POI that’s chock-full of loot.

Chonker’s Speedway

Map of Chonker's Speedway in Fortnite.
Chonker's Speedway in Fortnite.

Chonker’s Speedway has it all, so you’ll want to plan your route depending on your playstyle. This area can be highly contested depending on where the Battle Bus starts, but even if you’re a less aggressive player, you can still make this landing spot work. There are two main buildings in this location, each with plenty of loot. As you land, pay attention to see if you have company, and if you do, try to land away from them so you can get geared up beforehand. For this, we recommend the area to the west, which contains a little building surrounded by tire stacks. There are a few chests here, as well, so open them, and then use the tires to bounce over to the main portion of Chonker’s Speedway, where you’ll find even more loot. At this point, you should be stocked up with at least one decent weapon, which will help you defend yourself from nearby foes. After you’ve fully looted this location, you can utilize one of the many nearby trucks to get into zone when the next storm circle hits.

Tilted Towers

Map of Tilted Towers in Fortnite.
Tilted Towers in Fortnite.

Tilted Towers has always been a great landing spot, though you’re likely to encounter several enemies if you land there. The beauty of this area is that it’s absolutely stacked with loot, including safes, Slurp Barrels, and powerful weapons to help you outlast the competition. Depending on your playstyle, you might want to play cautiously in this area, allowing your foes to run by before third-partying them as they fight other opponents. As always, we advise paying attention to other players who will undoubtedly be landing at this location. There’s no shortage of strategies to use in this area. For instance, you can hit the northern end to get stocked up on gear before taking a nearby boat to Coney Crossroads. Or, perhaps you’ll want to completely overtake Tilted Towers by looting each building, which usually results in getting an all-powerful loadout. Either way, you’ll be stacked on gear after you leave this area, but surviving is trickier than you might expect, especially since it’s in the middle of the map.

Rave Cave

Map of Rave Cave in Fortnite.
Rave Cave in Fortnite.

Rave Cave is another hot-drop, but if you can survive the initial influx of players, you’ll be in a fantastic position to come out on top during a match. The most common strategy is to land inside the bear’s head at the top of Rave Cave. Inside, you’ll find a few chests, loot, and Slurp Barrels, which will give you an advantage right from the start. You’ll likely have to compete against other players looking to do the same, though. After that, your goal is to make your way down to the rave area inside the bottom of the mountain. But first, drop down from the bear’s head to the north, where you’ll find a platform with more loot, as well as a launcher pad that can get you out of harm’s way if need be. Below that is another platform, just above the water, with even more gear. From there, you should be well-equipped enough to take on anyone in the rave area, but you don’t have to do that if you don’t want to. Utilize another launch pad to get closer to the center of the map, or continue fighting inside the cave for a chance at even more loot.

Greasy Grove (Fungi Farm)

Map of Fungi Farm in Fortnite.
Fungi Farm in Fortnite.

To the southwest of Greasy Grove is a small area called Fungi Farm, which contains lots and lots of mushrooms. The kicker is that this spot contains blue bounce mushrooms, which give you 15 shield points when you jump on them. They even regenerate after a few seconds, so you can use this as an opportunity to max out your shields in no time. Your best bet in terms of loot is to land on top of the massive mushroom in this cluster, which often contains a chest or two. Then, make your way down, opening chests, and collecting loot as you go. Once you’re stocked up, head southwest to the barn area, where you’ll find Slurp Barrels, more bouncy mushrooms, and a bounty board, along with more gear. By the time you’re through with this area, you should have a hefty amount of gear, increasing your odds of winning. The only downside is that this area is way out of the way, making it easy to get caught in the storm if you aren’t paying attention. However, if you head to the northeast, across a small body of water, you should come across a truck, which can be used to get to safety.

Random secret boat spawn (Pawntoon)

Pawntoon boat in Fortnite.

The last recommended landing spot remains from previous seasons and it’s a peculiar one. This is the random Pawntoon boat, which spawns in different locations each match. Because of this, landing at the Pawntoon consistently can be tricky, but if you stumble upon it, you’ll be in excellent shape. We advise taking a good look at the outskirts of the map before you jump from the Battle Bus, which is where the Pawntoon spawns. This boat has IO Chests, Slurp Barrels, foraged items, standard chests, and an abundance of materials. You can also utilize the tires at the top to bounce back to shore, which comes in handy as the storm closes in. Ultimately, this landing spot isn’t the most reliable since it can be hard to find, but if you see it, you should prioritize paying it a visit since it’s so effective.

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