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How to get the free Jackie skin in Fortnite: Rocket Racing

Alongside Lego Fortnite, the other new game within a game that was recently launched in Fortnite proper is the thrilling Rocket Racing. While matches are much shorter than in either of its sister games, that hasn’t stopped Epic from giving you plenty of quests to complete to spice up your races. The Try Rocket Racing! quests are comprised of three parts, and finishing them all will unlock the stylish Jackie skin for free. Aside from being a great-looking skin worthy of nabbing, these quests will help get you comfortable behind the wheel in Fortnite: Rocket Racing.

How to complete the Try Rocket Racing! quest

The quest menu in Fortnite: Rocket Racing.
Epic Games

The three requirements to finish the Try Rocket Racing! quest are to play your first race, then complete 10 races, and finally, to reach the Gold rank.

For the first two requirements can be done without even aiming for them. Simply complete your first race, and then continue playing any 10 races additional races. Regardless of whether or not you win, each completed race will count toward this total. For finishing this step, you will also unlock the Octane car and Dieslback Pack Back Bling.

A graph of the ranks for Fortnite: Rocket Racing.
Epic Games

The third step is a bit harder, but achievable for anyone regardless of skill. Ranking up is determined by how many points you earn, and while coming in first will earn you a lot of points, it isn’t the only way to get them. Make sure you are pulling off jumps, boosts, and drifts to get points during the race itself. Gold is only the third tier of ranks so it won’t take you too long to reach.

Once you reach Gold, you might have to do one more race to trigger the Jackie skin to unlock since some players are reporting it being a little glitchy.

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