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Our guide to the Fly Explosives limited-time mode for ‘Fortnite’

Epic Games has released another new limited time mode for Battle Royale. This time, it’s the Fortnite Fly Explosives limited time mode. This new mode is one that players who love explosive weapons like the rocket launcher and the sorely missed jetpack item. Though it is available for only a short amount of time, players interested in this mode will want to know what it’s all about.

Fortnite Fly Explosives is the latest mode to join the likes of Playground, Solo Showdown, and others that Epic Games has offered in recent weeks. Season five is off to a great start and Fly Explosives is one of the first new modes that has been introduced since the season started last month. Here is everything you need to know about it.

What is Fortnite Fly Explosives

Fortnite Fly Explosives

Fortnite Fly Explosives is a new limited time mode that is actually a twist on a previously offered game mode. Veteran players will remember the High Explosives mode that Epic Games offered earlier this year with a focus on all things that blow up. Fly Explosives takes it to a whole new level by adding a pretty cool twist on the formula.

Fly Explosives takes out all weapons like assault rifles, sniper rifles, SMG’s, and so on. This changes up the formula significantly. Instead of having to worry about using a shotgun, players will only have access to explosive weaponry. That includes anything that goes boom. Grenades, the rocket launcher, and so on. This creates a pretty insane mode in which explosions are going on everywhere. No one is safe now in their little homemade forts when rockets are so common.

That is no different than the High Explosive mode that Epic Games offered earlier this year. So, what’s different about Fortnite Fly Explosives? Well, the fly word is the major difference. Yes, that’s right. Epic has brought back the fan favorite jetpack item for players to equip. With it, you can soar into the skies with ease and have a great viewpoint on what’s going on around you at any time.

The jetpacks were taken away previously by Epic since they were only available for a short period of time. In a way, the jetpacks were like the first “vehicle” for players to utilize before the game added shopping carts and, most recently, the golf carts. The jetpack is awesome and easy enough to use for any player. Here’s how it has changed since its first iteration.

Fortnite jetpack changes

Fortnite Fly Explosives

It seems that its time locked away in the Fortnite vault has done it some good, as the jetpack available in the Fortnite Fly Explosives limited time mode is largely improved over its predecessor. For once, an item has returned without a significant nerf.

What exactly has changed? The jetpack has an increased rate of fuel regeneration in its second iteration. This means that you’ll be able to recover fuel for your jetpack faster than ever, allowing you to more frequently be able to use it.

That’s not all. The jetpack’s fuel burn rate has been reduced. Not only do you get fuel back faster than ever before, but when actually using the jetpack, the fuel you currently have burns at a much slower rate than previously. That results in a much improved jetpack for Fortnite Fly Explosives.

Epic Games made these key changes so players can use the jetpack for longer periods of time than before. This turns the Fly Explosives limited time mode into a wilder and more explosive mode than any other, since players will be constantly flying around.

How to play Fortnite Fly Explosives

Fortnite Fly Explosives

Fortnite Fly Explosives is available in two forms this time around; Duos and Squads. Unfortunately for you solo players, this limited time mode is only available for players who play duos and squads. That doesn’t mean, of course, that you can’t play it by yourself anyway by choosing not to fill your team, but you will be at a significant disadvantage against the other, full teams.

There are quite a few tips that we can give you. First and foremost, it’s worth noting that you don’t start the mode with anything other than your typical pickaxe. Though the mode focuses on explosives and jetpacks, you aren’t actually given access to a jetpack from the start. You will have to find one for yourself.

Thankfully, jetpacks are in an overabundance in Fortnite Fly Explosives mode. The jetpack replaces most of the floor loot that you would normally find in houses. Like we mentioned in our how to win Fortnite guide, your best bet at the start of the match is to head to an unnamed town. One of our favorites right now that is the Viking-inspired location on the mountain in the southeast quadrant.

There’s nothing wrong with heading to popular landing zones in Fortnite Fly Explosives like Paradise Palms and Tilted Towers. There is no greater joy than rolling up with your squad and just enjoying the absolute chaos that is this mode in a highly populated zone. Destruction everywhere, buildings falling apart constantly, and so on. It’s a real treat.

That brings us to how you should play this mode. It encourages you to be nimble, quick, and aggressive. Rockets are plentiful, so feel free to let loose as much as you want. Speaking of rockets, you can find some launchers on the floor like the jetpacks, but a lot less frequently.

You will want to head to chests like usual, except this time you will only find stuff like grenade launchers, rocket launchers, and shield potions. With all of the improvements for the jetpack, there’s nothing wrong with constantly using jetpack fuel as much as you want. Even if it starts to get low, it’s easy to find a new one on the ground and switch to it.

How to win Fortnite Fly Explosives

Fortnite Fly Explosives

Now that you know what to look for in Fortnite Fly Explosives, you are going to want to focus on winning as many matches as possible before the mode comes to an end very soon. To win, you are going to want to figure out how you want to play. There’s nothing wrong with swiftly moving across the map and avoiding fights as much as possible, but we actually recommend a more aggressive approach in this mode.

It rewards playing fast and first. This means being the first to the middle of the circle, making the first move against opponents, and so on. Use the jetpack to your advantage. We recommend having someone on your team play a scout for the group, using the jetpack to blast up and watch the surroundings.

If you know a team or a player is in a building, don’t hesitate. Blast that building to bits. Explosives are plentiful in Fortnite Fly Explosives, so feel free to let loose on everyone you come across. When it comes to destroying buildings, the grenade launcher is a great choice since it is less effective against players. You will want to use the rocket launcher for getting the kill.

Fortnite Fly Explosives

Another cool way you can scout around – especially if you are alone – is by using the guided rocket launcher that recently made a return to the game after getting some balance changes of its own. Though it can sometimes give away your position depending on how you use it, it is a great asset for taking a safe look around the area for what all of your enemies are doing.

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The key to winning Fortnite Fly Explosives is taking and keeping the high ground. You are going to want to use your jetpack to do this. Building forts in this mode is fine, but they’re not as much help in this mode. Traps are also useless as most players will be flying around.

Watch out for players building structures and stairs and use your rockets to focus on destroying the floor underneath them to send them falling down. Make sure to have multiple rocket launchers, and instead of worrying about reloading in the middle of those final duels, switch to the next rocket launcher so you can get the upper hand in the fight. Switch back and reload when you get the chance. Do this, and you’ll nail that Victory Royale in Fortnite Fly Explosives.

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