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Fortnite “Search where the Stone Heads are looking” challenge guide

New 'Fortnite' challenge is among the most difficult yet, but we know the solution

We have officially crossed the halfway point in Fortnite season five, as it is now time for the week six challenges. The biggest and most confusing challenge available this week is easily the Fortnite Stone Heads challenge. This daunting challenge has an extremely vague description and an equally vague solution to it.

You will definitely want to go through the trouble of completing this hard challenge, though, as it does grant some great rewards upon completion. Just like recent challenges like the hitting the golf ball from green to tee and the jump through flaming rings one, the Fortnite Stone Heads challenge is simple in concept but difficult in execution.

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Fortnite Stone Heads challenge explained

Fortnite Stone Heads Week 6 Secret Battle Star Challenge

This challenge is odd and confusing, so much so that we need to go over what exactly it’s asking you to do. To find this challenge, simply head a couple of tabs over to the “challenges” tab from the Battle Royale home menu. Under it, you will see all of the challenges that are available; free and Battle Pass-exclusive alike.

This challenge is the “Search where the Stone Heads are looking” challenge. That is the title of it is the only description that we have at all. So what does it mean? This challenge is, in a lot of ways, similar to the weekly treasure maps. You aren’t actually looking to find all of the Fortnite Stone Heads like was the case in the flaming hoops challenge.

Instead, you are looking for the single point that all of the Fortnite Stone Heads are pointing towards on the Battle Royale map. That single location is the only place you need to visit in order to complete this challenge. Unfortunately, it isn’t as easy as the treasure maps, since this challenge takes place not in one area but across the entire map.

It’s a daunting task, but one that is simple enough once you have the solution.

How to complete the Fortnite Stone Heads challenge

Fortnite Stone Heads Week 6 Secret Battle Star Challenge

There two ways that you can go about completing this week six challenge. The first is doing it the long way, which the game intends for you to do. You go about solving the puzzle the way it was made to be…or you can go ahead and skip all the way to the end with the solution. We are going to go over both possible ways of completing this.

Where to find all of the Fortnite Stone Heads

If you want to do it the “right” way, you first need to find all the Stone Heads on the Battle Royale map. There’s six of the Stone Heads that we have found in the Battle Royale map. You don’t actually need to physically visit them at all, though.

To solve this week’s challenge, you just need to know where they are, and connect the dots. However, it isn’t a total waste of time visiting a Fortnite Stone Head, as Epic Games does reward you for doing so. There’s at least one chest located at each of the Stone Heads, so you are guaranteed some reward.

In fact, one of the Stone Heads we visited on the Battle Royale map had two treasure chests in the area, so it’s worth taking a look. One was located behind the head itself and the other was directly on top of it. The one on top will require some building, or one of the conveniently located rift portals that are nearby to reach it. These chests gave some sweet rewards, so be sure to nab it before someone else does.

Speaking of other players, this challenge is a free one, meaning that anyone in the game can do it. Because of this, be prepared for a fight if you head to one of the six Fortnite Stone Heads on the map. There’s a good chance you’ll meet someone else trying to complete the challenge.

Fortnite Stone Heads Week 6 Secret Battle Star Challenge

You can find the full list of the locations for the six Fortnite Stone Heads below, moving counter-clockwise starting from the northwest region:

  • The first Stone Head can be found in the northwestern region of the Battle Royale map, just southeast of Junk Junction and north of Pleasant Park. It is about equal distance from both of those locations.
  • The second Stone Head is far to the south of the first one, just northeast of Greasy Grove. It is located just outside of the northern entrance to the area and can be easily found.
  • The third Stone Head is just to the slight southeast of Shifty Shafts and right above the bridge. It is on a hill just to the east of the big river and can be easily found. This one is a hotspot so be prepared for a fight.
  • The next Stone Head is almost directly south of the previous one, right at the southern edge of the map. It is near the road between Flush Factory and Lucky Landing, located just to the west of Lucky Landing and the big river.
  • For the next two, you are going to want to head to the eastern portion of the map. The fifth Stone Head is located just to the west of Lonely Lodge and can be pretty easily found.
  • The final Stone Head is just to the northwest of Tomato Town. It can be found just north of the words “tomato” on the map.

Fortnite Stone Heads week six challenge solution

Fortnite Stone Heads Week 6 Secret Battle Star Challenge

If you have no interest in checking out the Fortnite Stone Heads and just want the solution for this week’s challenge, here you go.

Will knowledge of where the Stone Heads are located and where they’re looking, you just draw lines from each of the Fortnite Stone Heads towards the middle of the map, and you will have your solution where they cross. We went ahead and did the math for you. The solution is located just outside of Salty Springs. You are going to want to head to Salty Springs and then go just southwest of the location.

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You can see the exact location in our screenshots, but your destination is the large hill just southwest of Salty Springs. Use some stairs to build yourself a path up on top of the hill. While you’re doing this, be sure to keep an eye on your surroundings, as there is sure to be a ton of people trying to complete this challenge.

Once you’ve made it to the top, you will want to head to the exact middle of the hill as seen above. This can take a moment of searching because the secret Battle Star hidden on the hill doesn’t show up until you are directly right in front of it. Once it has, interact with it, and you’ll have collected the reward for this week six hard challenge.

The reward you receive for the search where the Fortnite Stone Heads are looking challenge is a simple but worth it if you are attempting to reach tier 100 for this season’s Battle Pass. The reward for completing this weekly challenge is a whopping 10 Battle Stars, which is more than most weekly challenges, which usually just give five. 10 Battle Stars is enough to jump you a whole tier level, so don’t miss out.

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