‘Fortnite’ Hit a golf ball from tee to green challenge guide

Fortnite's latest challenge tests your golf skills under fire. Here's how to complete it

Fortnite’s latest Battle Pass-exclusive challenges is the “Hit a golf ball from tee to green on different holes” challenge. This one has an odd title since, as players know, this is a Battle Royale game — not a golfing game. This can lead to some confusion about not only where to complete this task but how you do it. Last week’s jump through rings of fire challenge at least made sense with the help of the shopping cart and ATK.

We’ve taken the time to complete this odd challenge ourselves and have not only the spots that you need to head to during a Battle Royale match, but what you will need to do when you get there. Before we get to the solutions, though, we’re going to need to explain some golfing mechanics to you in case you aren’t aware of what Fortnite is asking you to do.

Fortnite hit a golf ball from tee to green explained

Fortnite hit a golf ball from tee to green on different holes

What is the tee and what is the green? While many of you reading this might already know what that is, there are some Battle Royale players who don’t, especially if they have no interest in the most relaxed sport around. Essentially, this challenge is tasking you with going to one of several golf holes and hitting the golf ball.

Specifically, you will need to hit the golf ball from the tee, which is the little spot in the ground where the golf ball is set. You’re going to need to hit the golf ball from its tee all the way to the green, or the area around the hole. The hole is easily seen by the red and white pole with a flag on top. You don’t actually have to get a hole in one for the challenge to work, but you do need to get it into the green circle area around the hole in one hit.

For the most part, this is easy to do. But how do you hit a golf ball in Battle Royale? There is actually a prerequisite for the Fortnite hit a golf ball from tee to green on different holes challenge.

How to hit golf balls in Fortnite Battle Royale

Unlike other challenges, you need a specific emote that not every player will have. You will need the golf ball toy emote. This emote allows you to set up a golf ball and then launch it. However, getting the emote isn’t the easiest, which is why the Fortnite hit a golf ball from tee to green on different holes challenge is relegated to only Battle Pass owners.

The only way currently to get the golf ball emote is by reaching tier 27 on the season five Battle Pass. That’s a pretty steep number for casual players but being that it is halfway through the season, there has been plenty of time to reach that tier. If for some reason you aren’t at tier 27 just yet or you haven’t bought the Battle Pass, you can purchase the Battle Pass plus 25 tiers for 2800 V-Bucks.

That will put you almost all the way to the emote. Alternatively, you can take your time and make your way to tier 27 by completing the other weekly and daily challenges that are available. Once you have your golf ball emote, let’s complete this challenge.

Fortnite hit a golf ball locations

Fortnite hit a golf ball from tee to green on different holes

Surprisingly, finding the locations for the Fortnite hit a golf ball from tee to green on different holes is actually easy compared to recent weekly challenges. The challenge tasks you with hitting the golf ball at five different holes. There are a total of nine possible holes you can choose from, so that gives you some nice variety for selecting which ones to do for the challenge. Once you’ve found one hole, you’ve pretty much found them.

We recommend selecting 50 versus 50 as your game mode of choice. This gives you ample time to complete all five holes in one go, and it helps alleviate some of the concern about other players sneaking up and killing you in the middle of your golfing.

From the battle bus, you will want to make your way to Lazy Links at the northern tip of the map. Veteran players will remember it as the location previously known as Anarchy Acres. It is now a quintessential country club, offering a nice golf course with a view. Finding all nine holes is easy to do once you’ve reached Lazy Links.

Fortnite hole one location

Fortnite hit a golf ball from tee to green on different holes

For hole one, you will want to head to the northwest side of Lazy Links as seen above. It is located just outside of the main buildings and resort areas. If you aren’t sure which direction you are supposed to be facing to hit the golf ball correctly towards the right hole, make sure to always be standing between the two yellow balls that are on the ground.

Notice that each hole has a little green rectangle area that is the tee area. You can actually stand anywhere within that green rectangle, and at any angle, when you start your golf ball emote tee. This is useful to know as certain holes are at weird angles or are obstructed by random objects like bushes.

However, you won’t have to worry much about the first hole. Line up your shot and then let loose. It can take a couple of tries, but it’s pretty easy to get this one to land in the green. If you are overhitting or underhitting the shot, adjust your camera height. How high or low the camera is determines what kind of shot you execute with the golf ball emote. Once you’ve finished that, let’s head to hole number two.

Fortnite hole two location

Fortnite hit a golf ball from tee to green on different holes

Hole two is super easy to find. In fact, you can see it almost right next to the green from hole one. Once again, find the right direction for your shot by standing between the two yellow balls, and you’ll see this hole a little further away. Line up your shot as necessary and let it fly. Now that you’ve got the hang of it, the rest is super easy from here.

All other hole locations

Fortnite hit a golf ball from tee to green on different holes

All of the other holes for the challenge can be found in a pattern. Starting with hole one at the northwest corner of Lazy Links, every hole follows a counter-clockwise pattern around the named area until it reaches hole nine in the northeastern corner.

In fact, most of them are right near the holes for the previous location. Like with the first and second holes, you can clearly see the third hole from the second one, and so on. Each hole is progressively harder and harder to complete but, thankfully, you only need to do this with five different holes to finish the challenge. As such, we recommend just doing holes one through five and leaving it at that.

You don’t have to complete all five holes in one go. If you happen to be killed or the storm forces you away, the game will keep track of how many you have done and you can continue where you left off in the next match. This is why we recommend you do this in 50 versus 50, so that you have plenty of time to complete it and aren’t killed halfway through — which happened to us.

Fortnite hit a golf ball from tee to green on different holes reward

Your reward for completing the Fortnite hit a golf ball from tee to green on different holes is a simple one. Putting at five holes will net you a total of five battle stars that will help you progress even further along the Battle Pass tiers. This will get you one step closer to completing this season’s Battle Pass and gaining that Ragnarok legendary outfit at the very end.

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