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Fuser support winds down following Harmonix acqusition

Harmonix seems to be taking resources away from its support of Fuser, just months after being acquired by Epic Games.

In a news post on Harmonix’s website, the developer, which is also behind the Rock Band franchise, detailed some changes coming to the rhythm game over the course of this year, most of which scale it back. However, Harmonix made a point to reassure fans that the game isn’t going anywhere anytime soon: “While the way we support the community is changing, we remain committed to supporting the live, in-game features and carry a ton of appreciation for the Fuser fam and your boundless creativity.”

Still, it doesn’t change that Fuser will be getting less content from here on out. One of Harmonix’s first announcements is that the game’s songs from its 2021 Mixtape Packs are going to become available for individual purchase as the game’s final pieces of paid DLC.

Similarly, Fuser Sessions streams will be happening less frequently and Fuser Guest Sessions, which feature the game’s notable streamers, will be winding down entirely. Social accounts for the game will, likewise, be shutting down, save for English-speaking versions.

Fuser‘s changes show the signs of a slow but inevitable end of support for the game, one of many that Harmonix claimed would continue to be fully supported following its acquisition by Epic Games. In a post made immediately after the acquisition, Harmonix promised that Fuser’s events wouldn’t change and that none of the servers for its games would go offline. But it’s not clear how long the developer will be able to keep those promises.

Epic Games purchased Harmonix with the intention of having the studio assist in creating its online universe. Additionally, the studio will help the team developing Fortnite with its own live music events. Major artists like Travis Scott and Ariana Grande have had their own concerts in the massively popular battle royale title.

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