GDC 2013: ‘Blacklight Retribution’ and ‘Primal Carnage: Genesis’ confirmed for PS4

Primal Carnage Genesis

Add two more names to the list of known PlayStation 4 games: Blacklight Retribution and Primal Carnage: Genesis will both be heading to the upcoming console. The news was confirmed at Sony’s PlayStation Indie Arcade party, one of the kickoff evening events at 2013’s Game Developer’s Conference.

Primal Carnage was revealed in an all-CG trailer featuring a T-rex breaking out of some kind of sci-fi containment unit. The original game’s multiplayer-focused human vs. dinosaur action is being cast aside here, with the trailer touting an episodic single-player adventure. PlayStation 4 and PC versions of the game are both planned. Lukewarm Media founder Ashton Anderson told Joystiq that the PS4 release is up first, adding that it is “definitely going to be a launch title.”

Blacklight Revolution is a free-to-play multiplayer shooter developed by Zombie Studios for a PC release in 2012. It has the distinction of  being the first Sony Pub Fund title for the next-gen console, meaning that Zombie will receive marketing support in exchange for platform exclusivity (other than the previously released PC game). It’s not clear if Blacklight is going to be a launch title, but it’s a safe bet that its release will fall somewhere into the launch window.